Friends of Abbot Public Library

FOAL2The Friends of Abbot Public Library is an organization dedicated to the support of the Abbot Library. The group raises money to pay for library programs, particularly for children; and to provide services to the public. We also have provided funds for capital improvements to the library. We currently pay for virtually all of the programming in the children’s and the young adult areas. We provide not only the Museum Passes for the use of the general public, but also provide the library with the software to manage the pass program.

There is a core of dedicated volunteers who give a great deal of time and energy to these activities. We hold four used books sales every year. We have a book rack in the front lobby which displays current and choice books for sale. There is a used magazine rack, and we also sell small items like tote bags, and “library mint” chocolates. Beyond the volunteer group stands a large and loyal group of contributors, who support all of our work and show their community support for the library.

We invite you to join us as a member. Envelopes are available at the main desk of the library. If you have the interest and energy to work with us, please let us know. The membership envelope has a check list of interests. If you would like to help in some way, write “Call me” on the envelope.

You can reach us by email at FOAL01945@ And you are welcome to call any of the current officers at the phone numbers listed below.

The current officers of the Friends of the Abbot Public Library are:

President:  Steve Tseki 978-744-4266
Treasurer: Liane Davis 781-631-7713
Recording Secretary:  Jennifer  (617) 417-6832
Booksale Chairman:  Steve Tseki 978-744-4266