Teens New Arrivals

Graphic Novels – March Arrivals


    • Y GRAPHIC 150 KLEIN 2018
      Klein, Grady
      Psychology : the comic book introduction
      Summary:“Psychology is the study of human behavior. It is a serious and worthy endeavor that has given us scientific knowledge of the ways our minds make sense of the world. Yet, as cartoonist Grady Klein and psychologist Danny Oppenheimer point out, the study of human experience can also be often really funny. This is the field, after all, that brought us drooling dogs, snacking rats, and ‘Freudian slips.’ With detailed observations on perception, stress, emotions, cognition, and more, [this book] offers students and curious readers an entertaining guide to the ways our brains help us navigate incredibly complicated environments, yet often fool us in fascinating ways.” — Back cover.

    • Y GRAPHIC 920.72 BAGIEU 2018
      Bagieu, Penelope
      Brazen : rebel ladies who rocked the world
      Summary:Profiles inspiring women–some who are world famous and some who are little knownin graphic format, including Nellie Bly, Mae Jemison, Hedy Lamarr, Josephine Baker, and Naziq al-Abid.

      Quintero, Isabel
      Photographic : the life of Graciela Iturbide
      Summary:A blending of photographs and illustrations trace the life and work of Mexican photographer Graciela Iturbide, who embarked on a journey across Mexico and the world.

      Medina, Tony
      I am Alfonso Jones
      Summary:The ghost of fifteen-year-old Alfonso Jones travels in a New York subway car full of the living and the dead, watching his family and friends fight for justice after he is killed by an off-duty police officer while buying a suit in a Midtown department store.


Fiction – March Arrivals

      Acevedo, Elizabeth
      The Poet X

      Bhathena, Tanaz
      A girl like that
      Summary:In Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, sixteen-year-old half-Hindu/half-Parsi Zarin Wadia is the class troublemaker and top subject for the school rumor blogs, regularly leaving class to smoke cigarettes in cars with boys, but she also desperately wants to grow up andmove out of her aunt and uncle’s house, perhaps realizing too late that Porus, another non-Muslim Indian who risks deportation but remains devoted to Zarin, could help her escape.

    • Y FICTION CHAO 2018
      Chao, Gloria
      American panda
      Summary:A freshman at MIT, seventeen-year-old Mei Lu tries to live up to her Taiwanese parents’ expectations, but no amount of tradition, obligation, or guilt prevent her from hiding several truths–that she is a germaphobe who cannot become a doctor, she prefersdancing to biology, she decides to reconnect with her estranged older brother, and she is dating a Japanese boy.

      Chapman, Elsie
      Along the Indigo
      Summary:Marsden yearns to take her sister and escape Glory, a town famous for seedy businesses and suicides, but her friendship with Jude yields secrets that may chain them to the Indigo River forever.

      Chupeco, Rin
      The heart forger
      Summary:Armed with the ability to tame and control the monstrous daeva, Tea enacts her revenge against the royals who wronged her, but she is hampered by her disapproving brother and pursued by enemies wishing to use her dark magic for themselves.

      Hilb, Jessie
      The calculus of change
      Summary:Overweight and pretty, high school senior Aden gets caught up in an exciting new friendship that quickly turns into unreturned love–at least on Aden’s side–even while it helps her get closer to her deceased mother’s heritage.

      Kemmerer, Brigid
      More than we can tell
      Summary:When Rev Fletcher and Emma Blue meet, they both long to share secrets, his of being abused by his birth father, hers of her parents’ failing marriage and an online troll who truly frightens her.

      McCullough, Joy
      Blood water paint
      Summary:In Renaissance Italy, Artemisia Gentileschi endures the subjugation of women that allows her father to take credit for her extraordinary paintings, rape and the ensuing trial, and torture, buoyed by her deceased mother’s stories of strong women of the Bible.

      Mele, Dana
      People like us
      Summary:“When a girl is found dead at her elite boarding school, soccer-star Kay Donovan follows a scavenger hunt which implicates suspects increasingly close to her, unraveling her group of popular friends and perfectly constructed life”–

      Parsons, Ash
      The falling between us
      Summary:At fifteen, Joshua Blackbird becomes an international singing star but, as his hometown girlfriend relates, after more than a year, the pressures and dangers of fame take a toll and “Shu” disappears.

      Penn, Farrah
      Twelve steps to normal
      Summary:Upon returning from a year in Oregon to Texas and her alcoholic father, Kira is distressed to find three of her father’s rehab friends staying at her home, while her own friends seem distant.

    • Y FICTION RUTLEDGE, A. B. 2018
      Rutledge, A. B.
      Miles away from you
      Summary:Eighteen months after Vivien, his beloved transgender girlfriend, slipped into a coma after a suicide attempt, eighteen-year-old Miles begins healing while photographing her empty shoes against the stark landscapes of Iceland. Told through a series of instant messages.

      Scarborough, Sheryl
      To catch a killer
      Summary:When Erin discovers the body of her biology teacher, she begins her own investigation into the murder of her mother when Erin was just a toddler.

      Sedgwick, Chantele

      Simmons, Kristen

      Woodfolk, Ashley
      The beauty that remains
      Summary:Autumn, Shay, and Logan, whose lives intersect in complicated ways, each lose someone close to them and must work through their grief.


Nonfiction – March Arrivals



    • Y 179.5 BYRNE 2018
      Byrne, Emma
      Swear!ng is g*od f*r you : the amaz!ng sc!ence of bad language
      Summary:“We’re often told that swearing is outrageous or even offensive, that it’s a sign of a stunted vocabulary or a limited intellect. Dictionaries have traditionally omitted it and parents forbid it. But the latest research by neuroscientists, psychologists, sociologists, and others has revealed that swear words, curses, and oaths–when used judiciously–can have surprising benefits. In this debut work of popular science, Emma Byrne examines the latest research to show how swearing can be good for you. With humor and colorful language, she explores every angle of swearing–why we do it, how we do it, and what it tells us about ourselves. Not only has some form of swearing existed since the earliest humans began to communicate, but it has been shown to reduce physical pain, to lower anxiety, to prevent physical violence, to help trauma victims recover language, and to promote human cooperation. Taking readers on a whirlwind tour through scientific experiments, historical case studies, and cutting-edge research on language in both humans and other primates, Byrne defends cursing and demonstrates how much it can reveal about different cultures, their taboos and their values. Packed with the results of unlikely and often hilarious scientific studies–from the “ice-bucket test” for coping with pain, to the connection between Tourette’s and swearing, to a chimpanzee that curses at her handler in sign language–Swearing Is Good for You presents a lighthearted but convincing case for the foulmouthed.” — Amazon.com.

    • Y 297 ASHKAR 2018
      Ashkar, Michael

    • Y 332.024 FAGAN 2018
      Fagan, Chelsea
      The financial diet : a total beginner’s guide to getting good with money
      Summary:“The Financial Diet is the personal finance book for people who don’t care about personal finance. Whether you’re in need of an overspending detox, buried under student debt, or just trying to figure out how to live on an entry-level salary, The Financial Diet gives you tools to make a budget, understand investments, and deal with your credit.” — Book jacket.

    • Y 339.22 FRAZER 2018
      Frazer, Coral Celeste
      Economic inequality : the American dream under siege
      Summary:Millions of Americans don’t earn enough money to pay for decent housing, food, health care, and education. Meanwhile the rich keep getting richer. Learn how governments, businesses, and citizens are fighting to close the economic gap.

    • Y 362.295 DUFTON 2017
      Dufton, Emily
      Grass roots : the rise and fall and rise of marijuana in America
      Summary:A chronicle of marijuana’s journey toward and away from legalization examines how grassroots activists from the 1970s nearly secured its decriminalization before conservative parents and the Reagan administration transformed cannabis into a focus for the war on drugs.,”In the last five years, eight states have legalized recreational marijuana. To many, continued victories seem certain. But pot was on a similar trajectory forty years ago, only to encounter a fierce backlash. In Grass Roots, historian Emily Dufton tells the remarkable story of marijuana’s crooked path from acceptance to demonization and back again–and of the earnest hippies, frightened parents, suffering patients, and thousands of other ordinary Americans who made changing marijuana laws their life’s work. During the 1970s, pro-pot activists with roots in the counterculture secured the drug’s decriminalization in a dozen states. The movement forged close ties with Jimmy Carter’s White House, and a sprawling world of paraphernalia makers and head shops catered to smokers. Before long, however, concerned suburban parents began to mobilize, arguing that children’s safety ought to take precedence over adults’ right to smoke pot. In the 1980s, they found a champion in First Lady Nancy Reagan, transforming pot into a national scourge under the slogan ‘Just Say No’ and helping to pave the way for an aggressive war on drugs. The tide began to turn again in the 1990s, as chastened marijuana advocates retooled their message, promoted pot as a medical necessity during the AIDS crisis, and eventually declared legalization a matter of racial justice. Through new research and interviews, Grass Roots offers an engrossing account of marijuana’s colorful history and its rich lessons for today’s debate. Over the past five decades the drug’s evolving and contradictory meanings have mobilized thousands of Americans to fight for and against marijuana rights. While legalization advocates have the upper hand today, Dufton shows how a new counterrevolution could swiftly unfold.”–Dust jacket flap.

    • Y 362.295 VAN GUNDY 2017
      Van Gundy, Karen
      Marijuana : examining the facts
      Summary:Drawing on scientific evidence from medicine, psychology, criminology, and sociology, this book explores the veracity of claims about marijuana use and misuse.

    • Y 363.7394 PERDEW 2017
      Perdew, Laura
      The great Pacific garbage patch
      Summary:Describes the problems posed by the great Pacific garbage patch, the causes of the problem, and what can be done to clean it up and prevent similar problems.

    • Y 523.1 UNIVERSE 2017
      Universe : exploring the astronomical world.
      Summary:Explore the stars and planets and beyond through 300 fascinating images – an international panel of experts take you on a journey through man’s record of the universe – from ancient cave paintings to animation. Universe is a groundbreaking survey that celebrates the popular subject of astronomy through 300 images created by those who have tried to understand – or who have been inspired by – the beauty and mystery of stars, planets, and beyond. Carefully chosen by an international panel of experts and arranged to highlight thought-provoking contrasts and similarities, the selection includes paintings, photographs, sculpture, animation, prints, sketches, and digital renderings with iconic works by renowned photographers, artists, and astronomers alongside previously unpublished finds.

    • Y 687.22 KEYSER 2018
      Keyser, Amber
      Underneath it all : a history of women’s underwear
      Summary:Presents the history of women’s underwear while also revealing the intimate role lingerie plays in defining women’s bodies, sexuality, gender identity, and body image.

    • Y 811.6 BROWNE 2018
      Browne, Mahogany L
      Black girl magic / A Poem
      Summary:Celebrates the strength and magic found in black girls, challenging the conditioning of society by offering a tribute to black women and girls everywhere.

    • Y 970 NARDO 2018
      Nardo, Don
      Edward S. Curtis Chronicles : Native Nations
      Summary:Discusses Curtis’s early life, how he first became interested in documenting Native American life, the pioneering photographs he took, and his legacy.