Adult New Arrivals – Book on CD

June Arrivals

    • CD BOOK 155.33382 KILGARIFF
      Kilgariff, Karen
      Stay sexy & don’t get murdered : the definitive how-to guide
      Summary:“The highly anticipated first book by Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, the voices behind the #1 hit podcast My Favorite Murder! Sharing never-before-heard stories ranging from their struggles with depression, eating disorders, and addiction, Karen and Georgia irreverently recount their biggest mistakes and deepest fears, reflecting on the formative life events that shaped them into two of the most followed voices in the nation. In Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered, Karen and Georgia focus on the importance of self-advocating and valuing personal safety over being ‘nice’ or ‘helpful.’ They delve into their own pasts, true crime stories, and beyond to discuss meaningful cultural and societal issues with fierce empathy and unapologetic frankness.”–Publisher’s description.
      ISBN:125022229X, 9781250222299

    • CD BOOK 302 BROOKS
      Brooks, David.
      The second mountain : the quest for a moral life
      Summary:A thought-provoking exploration of the four major commitments in life that fundamentally shape our identities, from the number one New York Times best selling author of The Road to Character. Most people, over the course of life, will make four big commitments: to a spouse and family, to a vocation, to a philosophy or faith, and to a community. Personal fulfillment depends on how well the commitments are chosen and executed.
      ISBN:1984840789, 9781984840783, 1984840762, 9781984840769

      McRaven, William H.
      Sea stories : my life in special operations
      Summary:Admiral William H. McRaven is a part of American military history, having been involved in some of the most famous missions in recent memory, including the capture of Saddam Hussein, the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips, and the raid to kill Osama bin Laden. His story begins in 1963 at a French Officer’s Club in France, where Allied officers and their wives gathered to have drinks and tell stories about their adventures during World War II, the place where a young Bill McRaven learned the value of a good story. The audiobook is an unforgettable look back on one man’s incredible life, from childhood days sneaking into high-security nuclear sites to a day job of hunting terrorists and rescuing hostages.
      ISBN:1549180517, 9781549180514, 1549194968, 9781549194962

      Chiaverini, Jennifer
      Resistance Women : A Novel
      Summary:After Wisconsin graduate student Mildred Fish marries brilliant German economist Arvid Harnack, she accompanies him to his German homeland, where a promising future awaits. In the thriving intellectual culture of 1930s Berlin, the newlyweds create a rich new life filled with love, friendships, and rewarding work—but the rise of a malevolent new political faction inexorably changes their fate.
      ISBN:0062933183, 9780062933188, 1982657510, 9781982657512, 1982657529, 9781982657529

      Collins, Sarah.
      The Confessions of Frannie Langton ; a novel
      Summary:All of London is abuzz with the case of Frannie Langton, accused of murdering her employers. Frannie claims she cannot recall what happened, even if remembering could save her life. But she does have a tale to tell: a story of her childhood on a Jamaican plantation and the events that led her into a passionate and forbidden relationship.
      ISBN:1982656557, “0062930702 :”, “9780062930705 :”, 9781982656553

      Gainza, María
      Optic nerve
      Summary:“Whenever I’m in survival mode I find myself magnetised by museums and galleries, like people running for air raid shelters in wartime.” The narrator of Optic Nerve is an Argentinian woman whose obsession is art. The story of her life is the story of the paintings, and painters, who matter to her. Her intimate, digressive voice guides us through a gallery of moments that have touched her. In these pages, El Greco visits the Sistine Chapel and is appalled by Michelangelo’s bodies. The mystery of Rothko’s refusal to finish murals for the Seagram Building in New York is blended with the story of a hospital in which a prostitute walks the halls while the narrator’s husband receives chemotherapy. Episodes in art history interact with the narrator’s life in Buenos Aires – her family and work; her loves and losses; her infatuations and disappointments. The effect is of a character refracted by environment, composed by the canvases she studies.
      ISBN:1684572843, 9781684572847

      Gilbert, Elizabeth
      City of girls : a novel
      Summary:In 1940, nineteen-year-old Vivian Morris has just been kicked out of Vassar College, owing to her lackluster freshman-year performance. Her affluent parents send her to Manhattan to live with her Aunt Peg, who owns a flamboyant, crumbling midtown theater called the Lily Playhouse. There Vivian is introduced to an entire cosmos of unconventional and charismatic characters, from the fun-chasing showgirls to a sexy male actor, a grand-dame actress, a lady-killer writer, and no-nonsense stage manager. But when Vivian makes a personal mistake that results in professional scandal, it turns her new world upside down in ways that it will take her years to fully understand.
      ISBN:198488848X, 9781984888488, 1984888463, 9781984888464

      Hempel, Amy
      Sing to it : new stories
      Summary:From award-winning author Amy Hempel, one of the most celebrated and original voices in American short fiction: a stellar new story collection, and her first in over a decade, about people finding meaning and connection in the idiosyncratic lives they lead.
      ISBN:1508281378, 9781508281375, 150828136X, 9781508281368

      Keane, Mary Beth
      Ask again yes : a novel
      Summary:“A family saga about two Irish American families in a New York suburb, the love between two of their children, and the tragedies that threaten to tear them apart and destroy their futures”–Provided by publisher.
      ISBN:“1508297835 :”, “9781508297833 :”

      McTiernan, Dervla
      The scholar
      Summary:When a hit-and-run victim turns out to be the young heir apparent to Ireland’s most successful pharmaceutical company, Cormac Reilly is dropped into a twisted murder investigation.
      ISBN:1538543370, 9781538543375, 1538543362, 9781538543368

      Pitoniak, Anna
      Necessary people : a novel
      Summary:A novel of psychological suspense follows Stella and Violet, best friends in college who compete for success and recognition at a cable news network, changing their friendship to a destructive rivalry.
      ISBN:“1549124692 :”, “9781549124693 :”, 1549124676, 9781549124679