Adult New Arrivals – Book on CD

February Arrivals

  • CD BOOK 940.5426 VINCENT
    Vincent, Lynn
    Indianapolis : the true story of the worst sea disaster in U.S. naval history and the fifty-year fight to exonerate an innocent man
    Summary:Lynne Vincent and Sara Vladic deliver the story of the worst sea disaster in United States naval history: the sinking of the USS Indianapolis during World War II–and the fifty-year fight to exonerate the captain after a wrongful court martial.
    ISBN:1508251649, 9781508251644

    Land, Stephanie
    Maid : hard work, low pay, and a mother’s will to survive
    Summary:A economic-hardship journalist describes the years she worked in low-paying domestic work under wealthy employers, contrasting the privileges of the upper-middle class to the realities of the overworked laborers supporting them.
    ISBN:1549173952, 9781549173950, 1549149555, 9781549149559

    Barton, Fiona
    The suspect
    Summary:When two British teenage girls go missing in Bangkok following a hostel fire, journalist Kate Waters is sent to follow the story. Despite the circumstances, she’s thrilled to go, as her estranged son, Jake, is volunteering at a conservancy project a few hours away and she is desperate for a reunion. When she arrives, she’s just one of dozens of journalists vying for interviews with grieving families, and to her shock, the main suspect in the investigation is Jake.
    ISBN:1524779989, 9781524779986, “1524779962 :”, “9781524779962 :”

    Hadley, Tessa.
    Late in the day : a novel
    Summary:"Alexandr and Christine and Zachary and Lydia have been friends since they first met in their twenties. Thirty years later, Alex and Christine are spending a leisurely summer’s evening at home when they receive a call from a distraught Lydia: she is at the hospital. Zach is dead. In the wake of this profound loss, the three friends find themselves unmoored; all agree that Zach, with his generous, grounded spirit, was the irreplaceable one they couldn’t afford to lose. Inconsolable, Lydia moves in with Alex and Christine. But instead of loss bringing them closer, the three of them find over the following months that it warps their relationships, as old entanglements and grievances rise from the past, and love and sorrow give way to anger and bitterness. Late in the Day explores the complex webs at the center of our most intimate relationships, to expose how, beneath the seemingly dependable arrangements we make for our lives, lie infinite alternate configurations." — Amazon.
    ISBN:“1982608528 (Blackstone)”, “9781982608521 (Blackstone)”, “0062891413 (audiobook)”, “9780062891419 (audiobook)”

    Harper, Jane.
    The Lost man
    Summary:Two brothers meet at the remote fence line separating their cattle ranches in the lonely outback. In an isolated belt of Western Australia, they are each other’s nearest neighbor, their homes four hours’ drive apart.The third brother lies dead at their feet.Something caused Cam, the middle child who had been in charge of the family homestead, to die alone in the middle of nowhere. So the eldest brother returns with his younger sibling to the family property and those left behind. But the fragile balance of the ranch is threatened. Amidst the grief, suspicion starts to take hold, and the eldest brother begins to wonder if more than one among them is at risk of crumbling as the weight of isolation bears down on them all.
    ISBN:1250316936, 9781250316936

    Jenoff, Pam.
    The Lost Girls of Paris
    Summary:One morning while passing through Grand Central Terminal on her way to work, Grace Healey finds an abandoned suitcase tucked beneath a bench. Unable to resist her own curiosity, Grace opens the suitcase, where she discovers a dozen photographs — each of a different woman. In a moment of impulse, Grace takes the photographs and quickly leaves the station.Grace soon learns that the suitcase belonged to a woman named Eleanor Trigg, leader of a network of female secret agents who were deployed out of London during the war. Twelve of these women were sent to Occupied Europe as couriers and radio operators to aid the resistance, but they never returned home, their fates a mystery. Setting out to learn the truth behind the women in the photographs, Grace finds herself drawn to a young mother turned agent named Marie, whose daring mission overseas reveals a remarkable story of friendship, valor and betrayal.
    ISBN:198264480X, 9781982644802, “1488255679 :”, “9781488255670 :”

    Kellerman, Jonathan
    The wedding guest : an Alex Delaware novel
    Summary:"Summoned to a run-down former strip joint, Delaware and Sturgis find themselves crashing a wild Saints and Sinners-themed wedding reception. But they’re not the only uninvited guests. A horrified bridesmaid has discovered the body of a young woman, dressed to impress in pricey haute couture and accessorized with a grisly red slash around her neck. What’s missing is any means of identification, or a single partygoer who recognizes the victim. The baffled bride is convinced the stranger snuck in to sabotage her big day–and the groom is sure it’s all a dreadful mistake. But Delaware and Sturgis have a hundred guests to question, and a sneaking suspicion that the motive for murder is personal. Now they must separate the sinners from the saints, the true from the false, and the secrets from those keeping them. The party’s over–and the hunt for whoever killed it is on"
    ISBN:0593103319, 9780593103319, 0593103297, 9780593103296

    McCracken, Elizabeth
    Bowlaway : a novel
    Summary:Elizabeth McCracken presents an epic family saga about three generations of an unconventional New England family who own and operate a candlepin bowling alley.
    ISBN:1982606916, 9781982606916, 1982606908, 9781982606909

    Michaelides, Alex
    The silent patient
    Summary:Alicia Berenson’s life is seemingly perfect. A famous painter married to an in-demand fashion photographer, she lives in a grand house with big windows overlooking a park in one of London’s most desirable areas. One evening her husband Gabriel returns home late from a fashion shoot, and Alicia shoots him five times in the face, and then never speaks another word. Alicia’s refusal to talk, or give any kind of explanation, turns a domestic tragedy into something far grander, a mystery that captures the public imagination and casts Alicia into notoriety.
    ISBN:1250317541, 9781250317544

    Scharer, Whitney
    The age of light : a novel
    Summary:A sweeping debut set in Paris in the 1930’s about the love story between Vogue model turned photographer Lee Miller and the artist Man Ray.
    ISBN:1549178105, 9781549178108, 1549173421, 9781549173424

    Sparks, Nicholas
    Every breath : a novel
    Summary:Hope Anderson is at a crossroads. At thirty-six, she’s been dating her boyfriend, an orthopedic surgeon, for six years. With no wedding plans in sight, and her father recently diagnosed with ALS, she decides to use a week at her family’s cottage in Sunset Beach, North Carolina, to ready the house for sale and mull over some difficult decisions about her future.Tru Walls has never visited North Carolina but is summoned to Sunset Beach by a letter from a man claiming to be his father. A safari guide, born and raised in Zimbabwe, Tru hopes to unravel some of the mysteries surrounding his mother’s early life and recapture memories lost with her death. When the two strangers cross paths, their connection is as electric as it is unfathomable…but in the immersive days that follow, their feelings for each other will give way to choices that pit family duty against personal happiness in devastating ways.
    ISBN:1549194690, 9781549194696

March Arrivals

    Conklin, Tara.
    The last romantics : a novel
    Summary:When the renowned poet Fiona Skinner is asked about the inspiration behind her iconic work, The Love Poem, she tells her audience a story about her family and a betrayal that reverberates through time. It begins in a big yellow house with a funeral, an iron poker, and a brief variation forever known as the Pause: a free and feral summer in a middle-class Connecticut town. Caught between the predictable life they once led and an uncertain future that stretches before them, the Skinner siblings–fierce Renee, sensitive Caroline, golden boy Joe and watchful Fiona–emerge from the Pause staunchly loyal and deeply connected. Two decades later, the siblings find themselves once again confronted with a family crisis that tests the strength of these bonds and forces them to question the life choices they’ve made and ask what, exactly, they will do for love.
    ISBN:1982608498, 9781982608491, “0062898175 :”, “9780062898173 :”

    Gardner, Lisa.
    Never tell : a novel
    Summary:A man is dead, shot three times in his home office. But his computer has been shot twelve times, and when the cops arrive, his pregnant wife is holding the gun. D. D. Warren arrives on the scene and recognizes the woman, Evie Carter, from a case many years back. Evie’s father was killed in a shooting that was ruled an accident. But for D.D., two coincidental murders is too many.
    ISBN:“1536609536 :”, “9781536609530 :”

    Quinn, Kate
    The Huntress : a novel
    Summary:A fascinating historical novel about a battle-haunted English journalist and a Russian female bomber pilot who join forces to track the Huntress, a Nazi war criminal gone to ground in America.
    ISBN:“0062894889 (HA)”, “9780062894885 (HA)”, 198260820X, 9781982608200, 1982608196, 9781982608194

    See, Lisa.
    The island of sea women
    Summary:Mi-ja and Young-sook, two girls living on a Korean island, are best friends that come from very different backgrounds. When they are old enough, they begin working with their village’s all-female diving collective. Despite their love for each other, Mi-ja and Young-sook’s differences are impossible to ignore. Little do the two friends know that after surviving hundreds of dives and developing the closest of bonds, forces outside their control will push their friendship to the breaking point.
    ISBN:1508266867, 9781508266860

    Winspear, Jacqueline
    The American agent : a Maisie Dobbs novel
    Summary:When Catherine Saxon, an American correspondent reporting on the war in Europe, is found murdered in her London digs, news of her death is concealed by British authorities. Serving as a linchpin between Scotland Yard and the Secret Service, Robert MacFarlane pays a visit to Maisie Dobbs, seeking her help. He is accompanied by an agent from the US Department of Justice, Mark Scott, the American who helped Maisie get out of Hitler’s Munich in 1938. MacFarlane asks Maisie to work with Scott to uncover the truth about Saxon’s death. As the Germans unleash the full terror of their blitzkrieg upon the British Isles, raining death and destruction from the skies, Maisie must balance the demands of solving this dangerous case with her need to protect Anna, the young evacuee she has grown to love and wants to adopt.
    ISBN:1982606584, 1982606576, 9781982606572, 0062897624, 9780062897626, 9781982606589