Adult New Arrivals – Book on CD

December Arrivals

  • CD BOOK 306.872 RODSKY
    Rodsky, Eve
    Fair play : a game-changing solution for when you have too much to do (and more life to live)
    Summary:Eve Rodsky offers a revolutionary, real-world solution to the problem of unpaid, invisible work that women have shouldered for too long.
    ISBN:059310708X, 9780593107089

  • CD BOOK 920.72 CLINTON
    Clinton, Hillary Rodham
    The book of gutsy women : favorite stories of courage and resilience
    Summary:Hillary Rodham Clinton and her daughter Chelsea share the stories of the gutsy women who have inspired them, women with the courage to stand up to the status quo, ask hard questions, and get the job done.
    ISBN:1508299226, 9781508299226

    Fox, Amaryllis
    Life undercover : coming of age in the CIA
    Summary:Amaryllis Fox was an undergraduate at Oxford when her mentor Daniel Pearl was beheaded. Galvanized by this brutality, Fox created an algorithm that predicted terrorist cells arising in any village around the world. At twenty-one, she was recruited by the CIA. In this memoir, Fox tells the story of her ten years in the most elite clandestine ops unit of the CIA, hunting terrorists in sixteen countries.
    ISBN:0525639438, 9780525639435

    Albom, Mitch
    Finding Chika : a little girl, an earthquake, and the making of a family
    Summary:Mitch Albom presents a memoir that celebrates Chika, a young Haitian orphan whose short life forever changed his heart.
    ISBN:“1094025240 (sound recording ; Blackstone Retail CD)”, “9781094025247 (sound recording ; Blackstone Retail CD)”, “1094025232 (sound recording ; Blackstone Library CD)”, “9781094025230 (sound recording ; Blackstone Library CD)”

    Baldacci, David
    A minute to midnight
    Summary:FBI Agent Atlee Pine returns to her Georgia hometown to reopen the investigation of her twin sister’s abduction, only to encounter a serial killer beginning a reign of terror.
    ISBN:“1549102680 (sound recording ; Blackstone Library CD)”, “9781549102684 (sound recording ; Blackstone Library CD)”, 1478999314, 9781478999317

    Wilson, Daniel H.
    The Andromeda evolution : a novel
    Summary:"In 1967, an extraterrestrial microbe came crashing down to Earth and nearly ended the human race. Accidental exposure to the particle–designated The Andromeda Strain–killed every resident of the town of Piedmont, Arizona, save for an elderly man and an infant boy. Over the next five days, a team of top scientists assigned to Project Wildfire worked valiantly to save the world from an epidemic of unimaginable proportions. In the moments before a catastrophic nuclear detonation, they succeeded… Deep inside Fairchild Air Force Base, Project Eternal Vigilance has continued to watch and wait for the Andromeda Strain to reappear. On the verge of being shut down, the project has registered no activity–until now… With this shocking discovery, the next-generation Project Wildfire is activated, and a diverse team of experts hailing from all over the world is dispatched to investigate the potentially apocalyptic threat."–Container.
    ISBN:“006247331X :”, “9780062473318 :”

    Keneally, Thomas
    The book of science and antiquities
    Summary:"An award-winning documentary filmmaker, Shelby Apple is obsessed with re-imagining the full story of the Learned Man–a prehistoric man whose remains are believed to be the link between Africa and ancient Australia. From Vietnam to northern Africa and the Australian Outback, Shelby searches for understanding of this enigmatic man from the ancient past, unaware that the two men share a great deal in common. Some 40,000 years in the past, the Learned Man has made his home alongside other members of his tribe. Complex and deeply introspective, he reveres tradition, loyalty, and respect for his ancestors. Willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good, the Learned Man cannot conceive that a man millennia later could relate to him in heart and feeling." —
    ISBN:1508286116, 9781508286110

    McCall Smith, Alexander
    To the land of long lost friends : the new No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency novel
    Summary:Mma Ramotswe reconnects with an old friend who has been having problems with her daughter. Though Precious feels compelled to lend a hand, she discovers that getting involved in family affairs is always a delicate proposion. Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni finds himself embroiled in familial drama as well, when one of his clients asks for help evicting an unwanted houseguest who turns out to be the man’s own brother. Elsewhere, Charlie and Fanwell are also involved in tricky matters of the heart, as Queenie-Queenie, Charlie’s girlfriend, seems to have transferred her affections to Fanwell. It’s up to Mma Makutsi to set things right, but she may be be too distracted by her nemesis Violet Sephotho, who has somehow been appointed to the board of a charity. What is Violet up to now?
    ISBN:1980047243, 1501998471, 9781501998478, 9781980047247

    Schine, Cathleen.
    The grammarians
    Summary:Laurel and Daphne Wolfe are identical, inseparable redheaded twins who share an obsession with words. They speak a secret ‘twin’ tongue of their own as toddlers; as adults making their way in 1980s Manhattan, their verbal infatuation continues, but this love, which has always bound them together, begins instead to push them apart. Daphne, copy editor and grammar columnist, devotes herself to preserving the dignity and elegance of Standard English. Laurel, who gives up teaching kindergarten to write poetry, is drawn, instead, to the polymorphous, chameleon nature of the written and spoken word. Their fraying twinship finally shreds completely when the sisters go to war, absurdly but passionately, over custody of their most prized family heirloom; Merriam Webster’s New International Dictionary; Second Edition.
    ISBN:125024174X, 9781250241740

    Furst, Alan.
    Under occupation : a novel
    Summary:Occupied Paris in 1942, a dark, treacherous city now ruled by the German security services, where French resistance networks are working secretly to defeat Hitler. Just before he dies, a man being chased by the Gestapo hands off to Paul Ricard a strange looking drawing. It looks like a part for a military weapon; Ricard realizes it must be an important document smuggled out of Germany to aid the resistance. As Ricard is drawn deeper and deeper into the French resistance network, his increasingly dangerous assignments lead him to travel to Germany, and along the underground safe houses of the resistance, and to meet the mysterious and beautiful Leila, a professional spy.
    ISBN:1797101544, 9781797101545