Adult New Arrivals – Nonfiction

June Arrivals

    • NEW 005.133 PYTHON 2019
      Shovic, John C.
      Python all-in-one
      Summary:Thanks to its flexibility, Python has grown to become one of the most popular programming languages in the world. Developers use Python in app development, web development, data science, machine learning, and even in coding education classes. There’s almost no type of project that Python can’t make better. From creating apps to building complex websites to sorting big data, Python provides a way to get the work done. Python All-in-One For Dummies offers a starting point for those new to coding by explaining the basics of Python and demonstrating how it’s used in a variety of applications. Covers the basics of the language – Explains its syntax through application in high-profile industries – Shows how Python can be applied to projects in enterprise – Delves into major undertakings including artificial intelligence, physical computing, machine learning, robotics and data analysis. This book is perfect for anyone new to coding as well as experienced coders interested in adding Python to their toolbox.
      ISBN:1119557593, 9781119557593

    • NEW 006.7 WORDPRESS 2019
      Sabin-Wilson, Lisa
      WordPress : all-in-one
      Summary:“WordPress 5.0 has amazing new tools to help you take your site to the next level. Everything you need for a successful and satisfying experience with WordPress is in one of these handy, self-contained minibooks. Set up your account, choose a theme and host, manage content with Gutenberg, keep your site secure, explore SEO, and so much more!,”–page [4] of cover.
      ISBN:1119553156, 9781119553151

    • NEW 070.4 LEVIN 2019
      Levin, Mark R.
      Unfreedom of the press
      Summary:Unfreedom of the Press is not just another book about the press. Levin shows how those entrusted with news reporting today are destroying freedom of the press from within: “not government oppression or suppression,” he writes, but self-censorship, group-think, bias by omission, and passing off opinion, propaganda, pseudo-events, and outright lies as news. With the depth of historical background for which his books are renowned, Levin takes the reader on a journey through the early American patriot press, which proudly promoted the principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, followed by the early decades of the Republic during which newspapers around the young country were open and transparent about their fierce allegiance to one political party or the other. It was only at the start of the Progressive Era and the twentieth century that the supposed “objectivity of the press” first surfaced, leaving us where we are today: with a partisan party-press overwhelmingly aligned with a political ideology but hypocritically engaged in a massive untruth as to its real nature.
      ISBN:“1476773092 (hardcover)”, “9781476773094 (hardcover)”

    • NEW 158.1 MANSON 2019
      Manson, Mark
      Everything is f*cked : a book about hope
      Summary:Manson turns his gaze from the inevitable flaws within each individual self to the endless calamities taking place in the world around us. Drawing from the pool of psychological research on these topics, as well as the timeless wisdom of philosophers such as Plato, Nietzsche, and Tom Waits, he dissects religion and politics and the uncomfortable ways they have come to resemble one another. He looks at our relationships with money, entertainment and the internet, and how too much of a good thing can psychologically eat us alive. He openly defies our definitions of faith, happiness, freedom–and even of hope itself.
      ISBN:0062888439, 9780062888433

    • NEW 158.1 REES 2019
      Rees, Anuschka
      Beyond beautiful : a practical guide to being happy, confident, and you in a looks-obsessed world
      Summary:“A prescriptive, empowering, and psychology-driven guide to building confidence in your body, clothes, beauty, and life in the era of toxic social media-driven beauty standards. Filled with proven strategies for proactive self-care, this stylish and essential guide provides sage answers to tricky questions like: * Why do I hate the way I look in pictures? * How can I stop comparing myself to all those beautiful people on social media? * Would I be happier if I lost weight? * Why is everyone else so stylish? Illustrated with full-color spot art, Beyond Beautiful is a much-needed breath of fresh air that will enhance your confidence and joy, and help you live your best life”–
      ISBN:“0399582096 (hardback)”, “9780399582097 (hardback)”

    • NEW 305.9 MEHTA 2019
      Mehta, Suketu
      This land is our land : an immigrant’s manifesto
      Summary:“An argument for why the United States and the West should accept more immigrants, and would benefit from doing so.”
      ISBN:“0374276021 (hardcover)”, “9780374276027 (hardcover)”

    • NEW 306.362 SILER 2019
      Siler, Julia Flynn
      The white devil’s daughters : the fight against slavery in San Francisco’s Chinatown
      Summary:“A revelatory history of the trafficking of young Asian girls that flourished in San Francisco during the first century of Chinese immigration (1848-1943) and the “safe house” on the edge of Chinatown that became a refuge for those seeking their freedom From 1874, a house on the edge of San Francisco’s Chinatown served as a gateway to freedom for thousands of enslaved and vulnerable young Chinese women and girls. Known as the Occidental Mission Home, it survived earthquakes, fire, bubonic plague, and violence directed against its occupants and supporters–a courageous group of female abolitionists who fought the slave trade in Chinese women. With compassion and an investigative historian’s sharp eyes, Siler tells the story of both the abolitionists, who challenged the corrosive, anti-Chinese prejudices of the time, and the young women who dared to flee their fate. She relates how the women who ran the house defied contemporary convention, even occasionally broke the law, by physically rescuing children from the brothels where they worked, or snatching them off the ships smuggling them in, and helped bring the exploiters to justice. She has also uncovered the stories of many of the girls and young women who came to the Mission and the lives they later led, sometimes becoming part of the home’s staff themselves. A remarkable story of an overlooked part of our history, told with sympathy and vigor”–
      ISBN:1101875267, 9781101875261

    • NEW 306.442 NORRIS 2019
      Norris, Mary
      Greek to me : adventures of the comma queen
      Summary:Presents a chronicle of the author’s lifelong love affair with words, filtered through her passion for all things Greek and her solo adventures in Greece.
      ISBN:“1324001275 (hardcover)”, “9781324001270 (hardcover)”

    • NEW 320.973 MARANISS 2019
      Maraniss, David
      A good American family : the Red Scare and my father
      Summary:“A personal story of the author’s father’s involvement in HUAC that offers a rich portrait of McCarthy era America”–
      ISBN:1501178377, 9781501178375

    • NEW 327.1273 JACOBSEN 2019
      Jacobsen, Annie
      Surprise, kill, vanish : the secret history of CIA paramilitary armies, operators, and assassins
      Summary:Written with the pacing of a thriller, Surprise, kill vanish vividly brings to life the pandemonium and chaos, as well as the human will to survive and the intellectual challenge of not giving up hope that define paramilitary and intelligence work. Jacobsen’s interviews with members of the CIA’s Senior Intelligence Service (equivalent to the Pentagon’s generals), its counterterrorism chiefs, targeting officers, and Special Activities Division’s Ground Branch operators who conduct today’s close-quarters killing operations around the world reveal the enormity of this shocking, controversial and morally complex terrain. Is the CIA’s paramilitary army America’s weaponized strength, or a liability to its principled standing in the world? Every operation reported in this book, however unsettling, is legal.
      ISBN:0316441430, 9780316441438

    • NEW 332.4 MEZRICH 2019
      Mezrich, Ben
      Bitcoin billionaires : a true story of genius, betrayal, and redemption
      Summary:Two of this story’s iconic characters are Harvard students Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss: identical twins, Olympic rowers, and foils to Mark Zuckerberg. This is the story of the brothers’ redemption and revenge in the wake of their epic legal battle with Facebook. Planning to start careers as venture capitalists, the brothers quickly discover that no one will take their money after their fight with Zuckerberg. While nursing their wounds in Ibiza, they accidentally run into an eccentric character who tells them about a brand-new idea: cryptocurrency. Immersing themselves in what is then an obscure and sometimes sinister world, they begin to realize “crypto” is, in their own words, “either the next big thing or total bulls—t.” There’s nothing left to do but make a bet. From the Silk Road to the halls of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the author takes us on a wild and surprising ride while illuminating a tantalizing economic future. On November 26, 2017, the Winklevoss brothers became the first bitcoin billionaires. Here’s the story of how they got there.
      ISBN:“1250217741 (hardcover)”, “9781250217745 (hardcover)”

    • NEW 338.37 SMITH 2019
      Smith, Bren
      Eat like a fish : my adventures as a fisherman turned restorative ocean farmer
      Summary:“Through tales that span from his childhood in Newfoundland to his early years on the high seas aboard commercial fishing trawlers, from pioneering new forms of ocean farming to surfing the frontiers of the food movement, Smith introduces the world of sea-based agriculture, and advocates getting ocean vegetables onto American plates (there are thousands of edible varieties in the sea!). Here he shows how we can transform our food system while enjoying delicious, nutritious, locally grown food, and how restorative ocean farming has the potential to create millions of new jobs and protect our planet in the face of climate change, rising populations, and finite food resources. Also included are recipes from acclaimed chefs Brooks Headley and David Santos. Written with the humor and swagger of a fisherman telling a late-night tale, this is a monumental work of deeply personal food policy that will profoundly change the way we think about what we eat.”–
      ISBN:“9780451494559 (eBook)”, 0451494547, 9780451494542

    • NEW 355.0335 GANS 2019
      Gans, John
      White House warriors : how the National Security Council transformed the American way of war
      Summary:“This revelatory history of the elusive National Security Council shows how staffers operating in the shadows have driven foreign policy clandestinely for decades. When Michael Flynn resigned in disgrace as the Trump administration’s national security advisor the New York Times referred to the National Security Council as “the traditional center of management for a president’s dealings with an uncertain world.” Indeed, no institution or individual in the last seventy years has exerted more influence on the Oval Office or on the nation’s wars than the NSC, yet until the explosive Trump presidency, few Americans could even name a member. With key analysis, John Gans traces the NSC’s rise from a collection of administrative clerks in 1947 to what one recentcommander-in-chief called the president’s “personal band of warriors.” A former Obama administration speechwriter, Gans weaves extensive archival research with dozens of news-making interviews to reveal the NSC’s unmatched power, which has resulted in anescalation of hawkishness and polarization, both in Washington and the nation at large.”–Provided by publisher.
      ISBN:“1631494562 : HRD”, “9781631494567 : HRD”

    • NEW 362.1097 REINHARDT 2019
      Reinhardt, Uwe E
      Priced out : the economic and ethical costs of American health care
      Summary:“From a giant of health care policy, an engaging and enlightening account of why American health care is so expensive — and why it doesn’t have to be. Uwe Reinhardt was a towering figure and moral conscience of health care policy in the United States and beyond. Famously bipartisan, he advised presidents and Congress on health reform and originated central features of the Affordable Care Act. In Priced Out, Reinhardt offers an engaging and enlightening account of today’s U.S. health care system, explaining why it costs so much more and delivers so much less than the systems of every other advanced country, why this situation is morally indefensible, and how we might improve it. The problem, Reinhardt says, is not one of economics but of social ethics. There is no American political consensus on a fundamental question other countries settled long ago: to what extent should we be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers when it comes to health care? Drawing on the best evidence, he guides readers through the chaotic, secretive, and inefficient way America finances health care, and he offers a penetrating ethical analysis of recent reform proposals. At this point, he argues, the United States appears to have three stark choices: the government can make the rich help pay for the health care of the poor, ration care by income, or control costs. Reinhardt proposes an alternative path: that by age 26 all Americans must choose either to join an insurance arrangement with community-rated premiums, or take a chance on being uninsured or relying on a health insurance market that charges premiums based on health status. An incisive look at the American health care system, Priced Out dispels the confusion, ignorance, myths, and misinformation that hinder effective reform.” —
      ISBN:0691192170, 9780691192178

    • NEW 423 MARTIN 2019
      Martin, Peter
      The dictionary wars : the American fight over the English language
      Summary:Peter Martin recounts the patriotic fervor in the early American republic to produce a definitive national dictionary that would rival Samuel Johnson’s 1755 Dictionary of the English Language. But what began as a cultural war of independence from Britain devolved into a battle among lexicographers, authors, scholars, and publishers, all vying for dictionary supremacy and shattering forever the dream of a unified American language.
      ISBN:0691188912, 9780691188911

    • NEW 551.44 MACFARLANE 2019
      Macfarlane, Robert
      Underland : a deep time journey
      Summary:In Underland, Macfarland delivers his masterpiece: an epic exploration of the Earth’s underworlds as they exist in myth, literature, memory, and the land itself. He takes us on an extraordinary journey into our relationship with darkness, burial, and what lies beneath the surface of both place and mind. Traveling through “deep time” – the dizzying expanses of geologic time that stretch away from the present – he moves from the birth of the universe to a post-human future, from the prehistoric art of Norwegian sea caves to the blue depths of the Greenland ice cap, from Bronze Age funeral chambers to the catacomb labyrinth below Paris, and from the underground fungal networks through which trees communicate to a deep-sunk “hiding place” where nuclear waste will be stored for 100,000 years to come.
      ISBN:“0393242145 (hardcover)”, “9780393242140 (hardcover)”

    • NEW 613.7 ESMONDE-WHITE 2019
      Esmonde-White, Miranda
      Aging backwards : fast track : 6 ways in 30 days to look and feel younger
      Summary:“In Aging Backwards: The Fast Track, Miranda offers readers systematic workouts to supplement and accelerate the original program, along with new information on the latest anti-aging science to help keep us strong, fully mobile, and looking and feeling young. Using her 30-day fast-track program, you’ll see rapid results in increased mobility, strength, flexibility, body shape, pain relief and overall health. Aging Backwards: The Fast Track empowers everyone—young and old, athletic or sedentary—with the information and tools to slow down the clock and keep it there.”–
      ISBN:0062859412, 9780062859419

    • NEW 615.1 EBAN 2019
      Eban, Katherine
      Bottle of lies : the inside story of the generic drug boom
      Summary:Katherine Eban’s Bottle of Lies exposes the deceit behind generic-drug manufacturing—and the attendant risks for global health. Drawing on exclusive accounts from whistleblowers and regulators, as well as thousands of pages of confidential FDA documents, Eban reveals an industry where fraud is rampant, companies routinely falsify data, and executives circumvent almost every principle of safe manufacturing to minimize cost and maximize profit, confident in their ability to fool inspectors. Meanwhile, patients unwittingly consume medicine with unpredictable and dangerous effects. The story of generic drugs is truly global. It connects middle America to China, India, sub-Saharan Africa and Brazil, and represents the ultimate litmus test of globalization: what are the risks of moving drug manufacturing offshore, and are they worth the savings?
      ISBN:0062338781, 9780062338785

    • NEW 616.831 TYRONE 2019
      Tyrone, Jamie TenNapel
      Fighting for my life : how to thrive in the shadow of Alzheimer’s
      Summary:A uniquely hopeful exploration of the impact of Alzheimer’s disease. This book combines the compelling story of Jamie Tyrone, a self-proclaimed “lab rat” diagnosed with a 91 percent chance of contracting AD, with the medical expertise of Dr. Marwan Sabbagh, a leading authority on Alzheimer’s and dementia.
      ISBN:0785221557, 9780785221555

    • NEW 663.5 ART 2019
      The art of distilling : an enthusiast’s guide to the artisan distilling of whiskey, vodka, gin, and other potent potables
      Summary:“The Art of Distilling, Revised and Expanded introduces the techniques and inspirations of the most innovative micro-distillers working today and ties it together with incredible insider photography. Learn how contemporary master distillers transform water and grain into the full range of exquisite, timeless spirits. The Art of Distilling goes to lengths to explore the actual craft of distilling in detail. We’ve designed this to be the consummate insider’s guide for distillers and their techniques.”–Provided by publisher.
      ISBN:1631595547, 9781631595547

    • NEW 791.44 STERN 2019
      Stern, Howard
      Howard Stern comes again
      Summary:Presents a look at the author’s four-decade career in radio, highlighting his most poignant interviews with such celebrities as Tracy Morgan, Lady Gaga, Jerry Seinfeld, and Harvey Weinstein.
      ISBN:1501194291, 9781501194290

    • NEW 930 HANCOCK 2019
      Hancock, Graham
      America before : the key to Earth’s lost civilization
      Summary:Was an advanced civilization lost to history in the global cataclysm that ended the last Ice Age? Graham Hancock, the internationally bestselling author, has made it his life’s work to find out–and in America Before, he draws on the latest archaeological and DNA evidence to bring his quest to a stunning conclusion. Weve been taught that North and South America were empty of humans until around 13,000 years ago amongst the last great landmasses on earth to have been settled by our ancestors. But new discoveries have radically reshaped this long-established picture and we know now that the Americas were first peopled more than 130,000 years ago many tens of thousands of years before human settlements became established elsewhere. Hancock’s research takes us on a series of journeys and encounters with the scientists responsible for the recent extraordinary breakthroughs. In the process, from the Mississippi Valley to the Amazon rainforest, he reveals that ancient “New World” cultures share a legacy of advanced scientific knowledge and sophisticated spiritual beliefs with supposedly unconnected “Old World” cultures. Have archaeologists focused for too long only on the “Old World” in their search for the origins of civilization while failing to consider the revolutionary possibility that those origins might in fact be found in the “New World”? America Before: The Key to Earth’s Lost Civilization is the culmination of everything that millions of readers have loved in Hancock’s body of work over the past decades, namely a mind-dilating exploration of the mysteries of the past, amazing archaeological discoveries and profound implications for how we lead our lives today.
      ISBN:“1250153735 (hardcover)”, “9781250153739 (hardcover)”

    • NEW 940.5421 LAMBERT 2019
      Lambert, Ray
      Every man a hero : a memoir of D-Day, the first wave at Omaha Beach, and a world at war
      Summary:Every Man a Hero is the unforgettable story not only of what happened in the incredible and desperate hours on Omaha Beach, but of the bravery and courage that preceded them, throughout the Second World War—from the sands of Africa, through the treacherous mountain passes of Sicily, and beyond to the greatest military victory the world has ever known.
      ISBN:0062937480, 9780062937483

    • NEW 973.8 WINEAPPLE 2019
      Wineapple, Brenda
      The impeachers : the of trial of Andrew Johnson and the dream of a just nation
      Summary:“When Lincoln was assassinated and Andrew Johnson became President, a fraught time in America became perilous. Congress was divided over how Reconstruction should be accomplished and the question of black suffrage. The South roiled with violence, lawlessness, and efforts to preserve the pre-Civil War society. Andrew Johnson–chosen as Vice President for electability, because he was a Southern Democrat–had no interest in following Lincoln’s agenda. With the unchecked power of executive orders, Johnson pardoned the rebel states and their leaders, opposed black suffrage, and called Reconstruction unnecessary. Congress decided to take action against a President who acted like a king. With extensive research and profound insights, Brenda Wineapple makes this overlooked historical period come alive with important new insights. The impeachment–the first in American history–was the last-ditch, patriotic effort make the goals of the Civil War a reality, and to make the Union one again”–
      ISBN:0812998367, 9780812998368

    • NEW 978.7 WOLMAN 2019
      Wolman, David (Journalist)
      Aloha rodeo : three Hawaiian cowboys, the world’s greatest rodeo, and a hidden history of the American West
      Summary:In August 1908, three unknown riders arrived in Cheyenne, Wyoming, their hats adorned with wildflowers, to compete in the world’s greatest rodeo. Steer-roping virtuoso Ikua Purdy and his cousins Jack Low and Archie Ka’au’a had travelled 4,200 miles from Hawaii, of all places, to test themselves against the toughest riders in the West. Dismissed by whites, who considered themselves the only true cowboys, the native Hawaiians would astonish the country, returning home champions—and American legends. An unforgettable human drama set against the rough-knuckled frontier, David Wolman and Julian Smith unspools the fascinating and little-known true story of the Hawaiian cowboys, or paniolo, whose 1908 adventure upended the conventional history of the American West.
      ISBN:0062836005, 9780062836007