Adult New Arrivals – Nonfiction

August Arrivals

  • NEW 027.4 ORLEAN 2018
    Orlean, Susan
    The library book
    Summary:Reopens the unsolved mystery of the most catastrophic library fire in American history, the 1986 Los Angeles Public Library fire, while exploring the crucial role that libraries play in modern American culture
    ISBN:“1476740186 (hc.)”, “9781476740188 (hc.)”

  • NEW 737.4 YEOMAN 2021
    Yeoman, R. S.
    A guide book of United States coins
    Summary:"The Official Red Book – A Guide Book of United States Coins is 74 Years young and going strong. Collectors around the country love the book’s grade-by-grade values, auction records, historical background, detailed specifications, high-resolution photographs, and accurate mintage data. How rare are your coins? How much are they worth? The Red Book tells you, covering everything from early colonial copper tokens to hefty Old West Silver dollars and dazzling gold coins. You’ll find 32,500+ prices for more than 7,600 coins, tokens, medals, sets, and other collectibles. You’ll also round out your education in commemoratives, Proof and Mint coins, error coins, Civil War Tokens, Confederate coins, private gold, and all the latest National Park quarters, Presidential and Native American dollars, Lincoln cents, and more. Articles on investing, grading coins, and detecting counterfeits will make you a savvy collector; and entertaining essays on the history of American coinage, shipwrecks and hoards, and the modern rare-coin market give you an inside look at "the hobby of kings." These are just some of the features of the informative, entertaining, invaluable Red Book-the World’s best-selling coin price guide (more than 24 million copies sold)." — Amazon
    ISBN:0794848028, 9780794848026, 079484801X, 9780794848019, 0794847978, 9780794847975, 079484796X, 9780794847968

  • NEW 779.32 CHANDOHA 2019
    Chandoha, Walter
    Cats : photographs 1942-2018
    Summary:"On a winter’s night in 1949 in New York City, young marketing student and budding photographer Walter Chandoha spotted a stray kitten in the snow, bundled it into his coat, and brought it home. Little did he know he had just met the muse that would determine the course of his life. Chandoha turned his lens on his new feline friend–which he named Loco–and was so inspired by the results that he started photographing kittens from a local shelter. These images marked the start of an extraordinary career that would span seven decades. Long before the Internet and #catsofinstagram, Chandoha was enrapturing the public with his fuzzy subjects. From advertisements to greetings cards, jigsaw puzzles to pet-food packaging, his images combined a genuine affection for the creatures, a strong work ethic, and flawless technique. Chandoha’s trademark glamorous lighting, which made each cat’s fur stand out in sharp relief, would define the visual vocabulary of animal portraiture for generations and inspire such masters as Andy Warhol, who took cues from Chandoha’s charming portraits in his illustrated cat book. Cats leap into this genre-defining artist’s archives, featuring color studio and environmental portraits, black-and-white street photography, images from vintage cat shows, tender pictures that combine his children with cats and more. This is a fitting tribute not just to these beguiling creatures but also to a remarkable photographer who passed away this year at the age of 98; and whose compassion can be felt in each and every frame."–Amazon.
    ISBN:9783836573856, 3836573857

  • NEW 914.504 BLUE 2020
    Macadam, Alta

  • NEW 940.5425 WALLACE 2020
    Wallace, Chris.
    Countdown 1945 : the extraordinary story of the atomic bomb and the 116 days that changed the world
    Summary:A "behind-the-scenes account of the 116 days leading up to the American attack on Hiroshima"–P. [2] of jacket.
    ISBN:1982143347, 9781982143343

  • NEW 973.933 KARL 2020
    Karl, Jonathan
    Front row at the Trump show
    Summary:"An account like no other from the White House reporter who has known President Trump for more than 25 years. We have never seen a president like this…norm-breaking, rule-busting, dangerously reckless to some and an overdue force for change to others. One thing is clear: We are witnessing the reshaping of the presidency. Jonathan Karl brings us into the White House in a powerful book unlike any other on the Trump administration. He’s known and covered Donald Trump longer than any other White House reporter. With extraordinary access to Trump during the campaign and at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Karl delivers essential new reporting and surprising insights. These are the behind-the-scenes moments that define Trump’s presidency–an extraordinary look at the president, the person, and those closest to him. This is the real story of Trump’s unlikely rise; of the struggles and battles of those who work in the administration and those who report on it; of the plots and schemes of a senior staff enduring stunning and unprecedented unpredictability. Karl takes us from a TV set turned campaign office to the strange quiet of Trump’s White House on Inauguration Day to a high-powered reelection campaign set to change the country’s course. He shows us an administration rewriting the role of the president on the fly and a press corps that has never been more vital. Above all, this book is only possible because of the surprisingly open relationship Donald Trump has had with Jonathan Karl, a reporter he has praised, fought, and branded an enemy of the people. This is Front Row at the Trump Show."–
    ISBN:1524745626, 9781524745622

  • 383 SCOTT 2021
    Scott 2021 standard postage stamp catalogue
    Summary:The Scott Catalogue of postage stamps, published by Scott Publishing Co, is updated annually and lists all the stamps of the entire world which its editors recognize as issued for postal purposes. It is published in eight large volumes that include six volumes containing all the countries of the world that have ever issued postage stamps, the United States Specialized Catalog, and the 1840-1940 Classic Specialized Catalogue (covering the world for the first 100 years that stamps were issued). The numbering system used by Scott to identify stamps is dominant among stamp collectors in the United States, Canada and Mexico. The Scott Catalogues is the leader in the stamp market and a must for all collectors and researchers
    ISBN:“0894875973 (volume 6 set ; paperback)”, “9780894875977 (volume 6 set ; paperback)”, “0894875949 (volume 5 set ; paperback)”, “9780894875946 (volume 5 set ; paperback)”, “0894875914 (volume 4 set ; paperback)”, “9780894875915 (volume 4 set ; paperback)”, “0894875906 (volume 4B ; paperback)”, “9780894875908 (volume 4B ; paperback)”, “0894875892 (volume 4A ; paperback)”, “9780894875892 (volume 4A ; paperback)”, “0894875884 (volume 3 set ; paperback)”, “9780894875885 (volume 3 set ; paperback)”, “0894875876 (volume 3B ; paperback)”, “9780894875878 (volume 3B ; paperback)”, “0894875868 (volume 3A ; paperback)”, “9780894875861 (volume 3A ; paperback)”, “089487585X (volume 2 set ; paperback)”, “9780894875854 (volume 2 set ; paperback)”, “0894875841 (volume 2B ; paperback)”, “9780894875847 (volume 2B ; paperback)”, “0894875833 (volume 2A ; paperback)”, “9780894875830 (volume 2A ; paperback)”, “0894875825 (volume 1 set ; paperback)”, “9780894875823 (volume 1 set ; paperback)”, “0894875817 (volume 1B ; paperback)”, “9780894875816 (volume 1B ; paperback)”, “0894875809 (volume 1A ; paperback)”, “9780894875809 (volume 1A ; paperback)”