Adult New Arrivals – Nonfiction

December Arrivals

  • NEW 004.16 MILLER 2020
    Miller, Michael
    Computer Basics Absolute Beginner’s Guide, Windows 10 Edition
    ISBN:0136498817, 9780136498810

  • NEW 004.165 MACS 2020
    Chambers, Mark L.
    Macs for Seniors for Dummies
    ISBN:“1119607825 : PAP”, “9781119607823 : PAP”

  • NEW 005.369 QUICKBOOKS 2020
    Nelson, Stephen L.
    Quickbooks 2020
    Summary:The perennial bestseller now in a new edition QuickBooks allows small businesses to manage their own accounting and financial management tasks without needing to hire expensive financial professionals. This perennial bestseller is here to show you step by step how to build the perfect budget, simplify tax return preparation, manage inventory, track job costs, generate statement and financial reports, and every other accounting-related task that crosses your desk. Written by CPA Stephen L. Nelson, it shows you how to get the most out of the software that helps over six million small businesses manage their finances. Handle your financial and business management tasks more effectively  Get the most out of QuickBooks features Create invoices and memos with ease Pay bills, prepare payroll, and record sales receipts If you use QuickBooks at work or want to implement it in 2020 this book has you covered
    ISBN:“111958969X :”, “9781119589693 :”

  • NEW 006.31 KROHN 2019
    Krohn, Jon/ Beyleveld, Grant/ Bassens, Agla
    Deep Learning Illustrated : A Visual, Interactive Guide to Artificial Intelligence
    ISBN:“0135116694 : PAP”, “9780135116692 : PAP”

  • NEW 006.686 AUTOCAD 2019
    Fane, Bill
    Autocad for dummies
    ISBN:“1119580080 : PAP”, “9781119580089 : PAP”

  • NEW 006.686 SYLVAN 2019
    Sylvan, Rob
    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classic for dummies
    ISBN:“1119544963 : PAP”, “9781119544968 : PAP”

  • NEW 100 ROBERT 2019
    Robert, Marie/ Richardson, Meg (TRN)
    When You Kant Figure It Out, Ask a Philosopher : Timeless Wisdom for Modern Dilemmas
    ISBN:“0316492523 : HRD”, “9780316492522 : HRD”

  • NEW 109 GRAYLING 2019
    Grayling, A. C.
    The history of philosophy
    Summary:"The first authoritative and accessible single-volume history of philosophy to cover both Western and Eastern traditions, from one of the world’s most eminent thinkers The story of philosophy is the story of who we are and why. An epic single-volume tale spanning civilizations and continents, it explores some of the most creative minds in history on this great, intellectual, world-shaping journey. With characteristic clarity and elegance, A. C. Grayling takes the reader from the worldviews and moralities before the age of the Buddha, Confucius and Socrates through Christianity’s capture of the European mind, from the Renaissance and Enlightenment on to Mill, Nietzsche, Sartre and, finally, philosophy today. Bringing together these many threads that all too often run parallel, he surveys in tandem the great philosophical traditions of India, China and the Persian-Arabic world. " —
    ISBN:1984878751, 9781984878755, 1984878743, 9781984878748

  • NEW 150.1953 KISHIMI 2019
    Kishimi, Ichir
    The courage to be happy : discover the power of positive psychology and choose happiness every day
    ISBN:“1982123001 : HRD”, “9781982123000 : HRD”

  • NEW 155.67 ESTY 2019
    Esty, Katharaine C.
    Eightysomethings : a practical guide to letting go, aging well, and finding unexpected happiness
    Summary:Old age is not what it used to be. For the first time, most people in the United States are living into their eighties. The first guide of its kind changes the understanding of old age with an upbeat and emotionally savvy view of the uncharted territory of the last stage of life. With insight and humor, Dr. Katharine Esty describes the series of dramatic and difficult transitions that eightysomethings usually experience and how, despite their losses, they so often find themselves unexpectedly happy.
    ISBN:151074312X, 9781510743120

  • NEW 158.1 BECKER-PHELPS 2019
    Becker-Phelps, Leslie
    Bouncing back from rejection : build the resilience you need to get back up when life knocks you down
    ISBN:“1684034027 : PAP”, “9781684034024 : PAP”

  • NEW 158.1 EKSTROM 2019
    Ekstrom, Jess
    Chasing the Bright Side: Embrace Optimism, Activate Your Purpose, and Write Your Own Story
    Summary:Entrepreneur and speaker Jess Ekstrom helps readers let go of cynicism and negativity and start viewing their challenges through the lens of opportunity and optimism, showing us how to start seeing the good in the world so that we can become the good in the world.
    ISBN:0785229329, 9780785229322

  • NEW 158.2 BENSON 2019
    Benson, Buster
    Why are we yelling? : the art of productive disagreement
    Summary:"Does this sound familiar? You walk away from an argument and suddenly think of all the brilliant things you wish you’d said? You avoid family members and colleagues because of bitter, festering tension that you can’t figure out how to address? Now, finally, there’s a solution: a secret that frees you from the trap of unproductive conflict and pointless arguing forever. If the threat of raised voices, emotional outbursts, and public discord makes you want to hide under the conference room table, or if you’re simply sick of unresolved arguments that never produce useful results, you’re not alone. Conflict, or the fear of it, can be devastating. And the process of minimizing, deflecting, or avoiding difficult people can leave you brimming with repressed emotions. But as this powerful book argues, conflict doesn’t have to be unpleasant. In fact, properly channeled, conflict can be the most powerful tool we have at our disposal for deepening relationships, solving problems, and coming up with new ideas. As the mastermind behind some of the highest-performing teams at Amazon, Twitter, and Slack, Buster Benson spent decades facilitating hard conversations in stressful environments. He found that even smart, eloquent people struggled to stay calm and keep theirheads clear when differences of opinion arose. So he set out to find a better way to argue, staging a succession of experiments and informal debates, and studying the participants closely. He took note of the scripts people defaulted to and the chain reactions they caused. Slowly, patterns began to emerge. Buster’s findings shattered his assumptions about what makes some arguments productive and others not, and dramatically improved his relationships at work, with his wife, and with strangers online. In this book, Buster reveals the psychological underpinnings of awkward, unproductive conflict, and the critical habits anyone can learn to avoid it. Armed with a deeper understanding of how arguments work and why, you’ll be able to: * Remain confident when you’re put on the spot * Diffuse tense moments with a few strategic questions * Facilitate creative solutions even when your team has radically different perspectives * Get through to the most stubborn people by understanding their motivations Freed of your fear of disagreement, you’ll find yourself eager to engage with intimidating people and uncomfortable ideas. You’ll end up having fewer repetitive, predictable fights, not because you’re avoiding or squashing them, but because you’re finally able to identify your biases, listen with an open mind, and communicate well. As your confidence grows, you’ll shake off lingering memories of interactions that made you feel tongue-tied or incapable, knowing that it’s in your power to steer the conversation wherever you want it"–
    ISBN:9780525540113, “0525540105 : HRD”, “9780525540106 : HRD”

  • NEW 202.12 KARMA 2019
    Ventimiglia, Diana (EDT)
    The Karma of cats : spiritual wisdom from our feline friends
    ISBN:“1683642538 : PAP”, “9781683642534 : PAP”

  • NEW 208.2 ARMSTRONG 2019
    Armstrong, Karen
    The lost art of Scripture : rescuing the sacred texts
    Summary:Today the Quran is used by some to justify war and acts of terrorism, the Torah to deny Palestinians the right to live in the Land of Israel, and the Bible to condemn homosexuality and contraception. The significance of Scripture–the holy texts at the centre of all religious traditions–may not be immediately obvious in our secular world but its misunderstanding is perhaps the root cause of most of today’s controversies over religion. In this timely and important book, one of the world’s leading commentators on religious affairs examines the meaning of Scripture. Today holy texts are not only used selectively to underwrite sometimes arbitrary and subjective views: they are seen to prescribe ethical norms and codes of behaviour that are divinely ordained–they are believed to contain eternal truths. But as Karen Armstrong shows in this fascinating trawl through millennia of religious history, this peculiar reading of Scripture is a relatively recent, modern phenomenon–and in many ways, a reaction to a hostile secular world. For most of their history, the world’s religious traditions have regarded these texts as tools for the individual to connect with the divine, to transcend their physical existence, and to experience a higher level of consciousness that helped them to engage with the world in more meaningful and compassionate ways. Scripture was not a ‘truth’ that had to be ‘believed.’ Armstrong argues that only if the world’s religious faiths rediscover such an open and spiritual engagement with their holy texts can they curtail the arrogance, intolerance and violence that flows from a narrow reading of Scripture as truth.
    ISBN:“0451494865 (hardcover)”, “9780451494863 (hardcover)”

  • NEW 248.4 OSTEEN 2019
    Osteen, Joel
    The power of favor : the force that will take you where you can’t go on your own
    ISBN:“1455534331 : HRD”, “9781455534333 : HRD”

  • NEW 305.48 RICHARDSON 2020
    Richardson, Kristen
    The season : a history of the debutante
    Summary:"The world of debutantes opens into a revealing story of women across six centuries, their limited options, and their desires. Digging into the roots of the debutante ritual, with its ballrooms and white dresses, Kristen Richardson- herself descended froma line of debutantes- was fascinated to discover that the debutante ritual places our contemporary ideas about women and marriage in a new light. In this brilliant history of the phenomenon, Richardson shares debutantes’ own words-from diaries, letters,and interviews-throughout her vivid telling, beginning in Henry VIII’s era, sweeping through Queen Elizabeth I’s court, crossing back and forth the Atlantic to colonial Philadelphia, African American communities, Jane Austen’s England, and Mrs. Astor’s parties, ultimately arriving at the contemporary New York Infirmary and International balls. Whether maligned for its archaic attitude and objectification of women or praised for raising money for charities and providing a necessary coming- of- age ritual,the debutante tradition has more to tell us in this entertaining and illuminating book"–
    ISBN:9780393608748, “0393608735 : HRD”, “9780393608731 : HRD”

  • NEW 305.8 PINCKNEY 2019
    Pinckney, Darryl
    Busted in New York and other essays
    ISBN:“0374117446 : HRD”, “9780374117443 : HRD”

  • NEW 306.42 DUFFY 2019
    Duffy, Bobby
    Why we’re wrong about nearly everything : a theory of human misunderstanding
    ISBN:“9781541618084 (hardcover)”

  • NEW 320.54 BROOKHISER 2019
    Brookhiser, Richard
    Give me liberty : a history of America’s exceptional idea
    Summary:An award-winning historian recounts the history of American liberty through the stories of twelve essential documents. Nationalism is inevitable: It supplies feelings of belonging, identity, and recognition. It binds us to our neighbors and tells us who we are. But increasingly-from the United States to India, from Russia to Burma-nationalism is being invoked for unworthy ends: to disdain minorities or to support despots. As a result, nationalism has become to many a dirty word.In Give Me Liberty, award-winning historian and biographer Richard Brookhiser offers up a truer and more inspiring story of American nationalism as it has evolved over four hundred years. He examines America’s history through twelve documents that made the United States a new country in a new world: a free country. We are what we are because of them; we stay true to what we are by staying true to them.Americans have always sought liberty, asked for it, fought for it; every victory has been the fulfillment of old hopes and promises. This is our nationalism, and we should be proud of it
    ISBN:1541699130, 9781541699137

  • NEW 324.973 CLANCY 2019
    Clancy, Ryan/ White, Margaret
    The Ultimate Guide to the 2020 Election : 101 Nonpartisan Solutions to All the Issues That Matter
    ISBN:“1635766745 : PAP”, “9781635766745 : PAP”

  • NEW 324.973 JARRETT 2019
    Jarrett, Gregg
    Witch hunt : the story of the greatest mass delusion in American political history
    Summary:"Now that every detail and argument set forth in the The Russia Hoax has been borne out by the Mueller report, the author is back with a hard-hitting, well-reasoned evisceration of what may be the dirtiest trick in political history"–
    ISBN:0062960091, 9780062960092

  • NEW 327.73 RICHTER 2019
    Richter, Paul
    The ambassadors : America’s diplomats on the front lines
    ISBN:“1501172417 : HRD”, “9781501172410 : HRD”

  • NEW 332.0973 VARELAS 2019
    Varelas, Christopher P.
    How money became dangerous : the inside story of our turbulent relationship with modern financial capitalism
    ISBN:“0062684752 : HRD”, “9780062684752 : HRD”

  • NEW 333.78 KENYON 2019
    Kenyon, Mark
    That wild country : an epic journey through the past, present, and future of America’s public lands
    Summary:"From prominent outdoorsman and nature writer Mark Kenyon comes an engrossing reflection on the past and future battles over our most revered landscapes— America’s public lands. Every American is a public-land owner, inheritor to the largest public-land trust in the world. These vast expanses provide a home to wildlife populations, a vital source of clean air and water, and a haven for recreation. Since its inception, however, America’s public land system has been embroiled in controversy— caught in the push and pull between the desire to develop the valuable resources the land holds or conserve them. Alarmed by rising tensions over the use of these lands, hunter, angler, and outdoor enthusiast Mark Kenyon set out to explore the spaces involved in this heated debate, and learn firsthand how they came to be and what their future might hold. Part travelogue and part historical examination, That Wild Country invites readers on an intimate tour of the wondrous wild and public places that are a uniquely profound and endangered part of the American landscape." —
    ISBN:1542043042, 9781542043045

  • NEW 338.762 SECREST 2019
    Secrest, Meryle
    The mysterious affair at Olivetti : IBM, the CIA, and the Cold War conspiracy to shut down production of the world’s first desktop computer
    Summary:The human, business, design, engineering, cold war, and tech story of how the Olivetti company came to be, how it survived two world wars and brought a ravaged Italy back to life, how after it mastered the typewriter business with the famous "Olivetti touch," it entered the new, fierce electronics race; how its first desktop compter, the P101, came to be; how, within eighteen months, it had caught up with, and surpassed, IBM, the American giant that by then had become an arm of the American government, developing advanced weapon systems; Olivetti putting its own mainframe computer on the market with its desktop prototype, selling 40,000 units, including to NASA for its lunar landings. How Olivetti made inroads into the US market by taking control of Underwood of Hartford CT as an assembly plant for Olivetti’s own typewriters and future miniaturized personal computers; how a week after Olivetti purchased Underwood, the US government filed an antitrust suit to try to stop it; how Adriano Olivetti, the legendary idealist, socialist, visionary, heir to the company founded by his father, built the company into a fantastical dynasty–factories, offices, satellite buildings spread over more than fifty acres–while on a train headed for Switzerland in 1960 for supposed meetings and then to Hartford, never arrived, dying suddenly of a heart attack at fifty-eight . . . how eighteen months later, his brilliant young engineer, who had assembled Olivetti’s superb team of electronic engineers, was killed, as well, in a suspicious car crash, and how the Olivetti company and the P101 came to its insidious and shocking end.
    ISBN:“0451493656 (hc)”, “9780451493651 (hc)”

  • NEW 339 BANERJEE 2019
    Banerjee, Abhijit V.
    Good economics for hard times
    Summary:Figuring out how to deal with today’s critical economic problems is perhaps the great challenge of our time. Much greater than space travel or perhaps even the next revolutionary medical breakthrough, what is at stake is the whole idea of the good life as we have known it. Immigration and inequality, globalization and technological disruption, slowing growth and accelerating climate change–these are sources of great anxiety across the world, from New Delhi and Dakar to Paris and Washington, DC. The resources to address these challenges are there–what we lack are ideas that will help us jump the wall of disagreement and distrust that divides us. If we succeed, history will remember our era with gratitude; if we fail, the potential losses are incalculable. In this revolutionary book, renowned MIT economists Abhijit V. Banerjee and Esther Duflo take on this challenge, building on cutting-edge research in economics explained with lucidity and grace. Original, provocative, and urgent, Good Economics for Hard Times makes a persuasive case for an intelligent interventionism and a society built on compassion and respect. It is an extraordinary achievement, one that shines a light to help us appreciate and understand our precariously balanced world.
    ISBN:1610399501, 9781610399500

  • NEW 355.2 KLARE 2019
    Klare, Michael T.
    All Hell Breaking Loose: The Pentagon’s Perspective on Climate Change
    Summary:Drawing on previously obscure reports and government documents, renowned security expert Klare shows that the U.S. military sees the climate threat as imperiling the country on several fronts at once.
    ISBN:1627792481, 9781627792486

  • NEW 364.1523 OLSEN 2019
    Olsen, Gregg
    If you tell : a true story of murder, family secrets, and the unbreakable bond of sisterhood
    Summary:"After more than a decade, when sisters Nikki, Sami, and Tori Knotek hear the word mom, it claws like an eagle’s talons, triggering memories that have been their secret since childhood. Until now. For years, behind the closed doors of their farmhouse in Raymond, Washington, their sadistic mother, Shelly, subjected her girls to unimaginable abuse, degradation, torture, and psychic terrors. Through it all, Nikki, Sami, and Tori developed a defiant bond that made them far less vulnerable than Shelly imagined. Even as others were drawn into their mother’s dark and perverse web, the sisters found the strength and courage to escape an escalating nightmare that culminated in multiple murders. Harrowing and heartrending, If You Tell is a survivor’s story of absolute evil–and the freedom and justice that Nikki, Sami, and Tori risked their lives to fight for. Sisters forever, victims no more, they found a light in the darkness that made them the resilient women they are today–loving, loved, and moving on."–Amazon.
    ISBN:154200523X, 9781542005234, 1542005221, 9781542005227

  • NEW 364.15232 SZERETO 2019
    Szereto, Mitzi (EDT)
    The Best New True Crime Stories : Serial Killers
    ISBN:“1642500720 : PAP”, “9781642500721 : PAP”

  • NEW 364.153 DERSHOWITZ 2019
    Dershowitz, Alan M.
    Guilt by accusation : the challenge of proving Innocence in the age of #MeToo
    Summary:"In Guilt by accusation, Dershowitz provides an in-depth analysis of the false accusations against him, alongside a full presentation of the exculpatory evidence that proves his account, including emails from his accuser and an admission of his innocence from her lawyer, David Boies. Additionally, he examines current attitudes toward accusations of sexual misconduct, which are today, in the age of #MeToo, accepted as implicit truth without giving the accused a fair chance to defend themselves and their innocence, and suggests possible pathways back to a society and legal system in which due process is respected above public opinion and the whims of social media mobs." — Provided by publisher
    ISBN:1510757538, 9781510757530

  • NEW 381.177 COLLIER 2020
    Collier, Marsha
    Ebay for Dummies
    ISBN:“111961774X : PAP”, “9781119617747 : PAP”

  • NEW 381.19 MINTER 2019
    Minter, Adam
    Secondhand : travels in the new global garage sale
    Summary:"Downsizing. Decluttering. Discarding. Sooner or later, all of us are faced with things we no longer need or want. But when we drop our old clothes and other items off at a local donation center, where do they go? Sometimes across the country-or even halfway across the world-to people and places who find value in what we leave behind. In Secondhand, Minter takes us on an unexpected adventure into the often-hidden, multibillion-dollar industry of reuse: thrift stores in the American Southwest to vintage shops in Tokyo, flea markets in Southeast Asia to used-goods enterprises in Ghana, and more. Along the way, Minter meets the fascinating people who handle-and profit from-our rising tide of discarded stuff, and asks a pressing question: In a world that craves shiny and new, is there room for it all? Secondhand offers hopeful answers and hard truths. A history of the stuff we’ve used and a contemplation of why we keep buying more. Secondhand shows us that it doesn’t have to be this way, and what really needs to change to build a sustainable future free of excess stuff." –Book jacket.
    ISBN:1635570107, 9781635570106

  • NEW 388 ROSSANT 2019
    Rossant, John
    Hop, skip, go : how the mobility revolution is transforming our lives
    Summary:"From futuristic flying cars to high-speed trains, the fanciful promises 21st century have fallen flat. mobility expert John Rossant and business journalist Stephen Baker examine the real future of transportation and the reprecussions for cities, the world economy, the environment, and the individual"–
    ISBN:“0062883062 : HRD”, “9780062883063 : HRD”

  • NEW 395.22 BLISS 2019
    Bliss, Dominic
    Best Man Best Speech : How to Be the Best Best Man
    ISBN:“1742572367 : PAP”, “9781742572369 : PAP”

  • NEW 395.22 LANE 2019
    Lane, Neil
    Style your wedding with Neil Lane.
    ISBN:“1465481311 : HRD”, “9781465481313 : HRD”

  • NEW 395.22 STALLINGS 2019
    Stallings, Ariel Meadow
    Offbeat bride : create a wedding that’s authentically you
    ISBN:“9781580059251 (e-book)”, “1580059244 : PAP”, “9781580059244 : PAP”

  • NEW 395.22 WEAVER 2019
    Weaver, Kara
    Wedding Planner
    ISBN:“1454935731 : HRD”, “9781454935735 : HRD”

  • NEW 395.52 FLANNERY 2019
    Flannery, Katherine/ Shah, Rinee (ILT)
    50 Essential etiquette lessons : How to Eat Lunch With Your Boss, Handle Happy Hour Like a Pro, and Write a Thank You Note in the Age of Texting and Tweeting
    ISBN:“1641525932 : PAP”, “9781641525930 : PAP”

  • NEW 508 FERGUSON 2019
    Ferguson, Gary
    The eight master lessons of nature : what nature teaches us about living well in the world
    ISBN:“9781524743406 (ebook)”, “1524743380 : HRD”, “9781524743383 : HRD”

  • NEW 520.922 FAUBER 2019
    Fauber, L. S.
    Heaven on Earth : how Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler, and Galileo discovered the modern world
    ISBN:“1643132040 : HRD”, “9781643132044 : HRD”

  • NEW 551.57 WHITTELL 2019
    Whittell, Giles
    Snow : a scientific and cultural exploration
    Summary:Brimming with interesting facts and surprising anecdotes, this scientific and cultural history opens our eyes to the wonders of one of natures most delicate, delightful, and deadly phenomena: SNOW! Perfect for fans of The Hidden Life of Trees and Rain . Go on an extraordinary journey across centuries and continents to experience the wonders of snow; from the prehistoric humans that trekked and even skied across it tens of thousands of years ago to the multi-billion-dollar industry behind our moving, making, and playing with snow. Blending accessible writing with fascinating science, Giles Whittell explores how snow dictates where we live, provides us with drinking water, and has influenced countless works of art and more. Whittell also uncovers compelling mysteries of this miraculous substance, such as why avalanches happen, how snow saved a British prime ministers life, where the legend of the yeti comes from, and the terrifying truth behind the opening ceremony of the 1960 winter Olympics. Filled with in-depth research and whip-smart prose, Snow is an eye-opening and charming book that illuminates one of the most magnificent wonders of nature.
    ISBN:198210547X, 9781982105471

  • NEW 570 SINCLAIR 2019
    Sinclair, David A.
    Lifespan : why we age–and why we don’t have to
    Summary:"For decades, experts have believed that we are at the mercy of our genes, and that natural damage to our genes–the kind that inevitably happens as we get older–makes us become sick and grow old. But what if everything you think you know about aging is wrong? What if aging is a disease–and that disease is treatable? In Lifespan, one of the world’s foremost experts on aging and genetics reveals a groundbreaking new theory that will forever change the way we think about why we age and what we can do about it. Aging isn’t immutable; we can have far more control over it than we realize. This eye-opening and provocative work takes us to the frontlines of research that is pushing the boundaries on our perceived scientific limitations, revealing incredible breakthroughs–many from Dr. David Sinclair’s own lab–that demonstrate how we can slow down, or even reverse, the genetic clock. The key is activating newly discovered vitality genes–the decedents of an ancient survival circuit that is both the cause of aging and the key to reversing it. Dr. Sinclair shares the emerging technologies and simple lifestyle changes–such as intermittent fasting, cold exposure, and exercising with the right intensity–that have been shown to help lead to longer lives."–
    ISBN:“1501191977 (hardback)”, “9781501191978 (hardback)”

  • NEW 590.73 MOHNHAUPT 2019
    Mohnhaupt, J. W.
    The Zookeepers’ War: An Incredible True Story from the Cold War
    Summary:The unbelievable true story of the Cold War’s strangest proxy war, fought between the zoos on either side of the Berlin Wall and unlike anything readers have heard before. This historical piece is an epic tale of desperate rivalries, human follies, and an animal-mad city.
    ISBN:1501188496, 9781501188497

  • NEW 599.674 MALBY-ANTHONY 2019
    Malby-Anthony, Françoise
    An elephant in my kitchen : what the herd taught me about love, courage and survival
    Summary:""Malby-Anthony offers a book of great inspiration and wide appeal to nature-loving readers." -Publishers Weekly A heart-warming sequel to the international bestseller The Elephant Whisperer, by Lawrence Anthony’s wife Françoise Malby-Anthony. A chic Parisienne, Françoise never expected to find herself living on a South African game reserve. But then she fell in love with conservationist Lawrence Anthony and everything changed. After Lawrence’s death, Françoise faced the daunting responsibility of running Thula Thula without him. Poachers attacked their rhinos, their security team wouldn’t take orders from a woman and the authorities were threatening to cull their beloved elephant family. On top of that, the herd’s feisty new matriarch Frankie didn’t like her. In this heart-warming and moving book, Françoise describes how she fought to protect the herd and to make her dream of building a wildlife rescue center a reality. She found herself caring for a lost baby elephant who turned up at her house, and offering refuge to traumatized orphaned rhinos, and a hippo called Charlie who was scared of water. As she learned to trust herself, she discovered she’d had Frankie wrong all along. Filled with extraordinary animals and the humans who dedicate their lives to saving them, An Elephant in My Kitchen is a captivating and gripping read"–
    ISBN:1250220149, 9781250220141

  • NEW 613 JUNGER 2019
    Junger, Alejandro
    Clean7 : supercharge your body’s natural ability to heal itself : a one-week breakthrough detox program
    Summary:"In this long-awaited follow-up to the definitive detox program, New York Times bestselling author Dr. Alejandro Junger delivers a detailed, personalized, and medically proven 7-day program to rid our bodies of the multitude of toxins that keep us from living well and feeling our best"–
    ISBN:0062989987, 9780062989987, 0062792288, 9780062792280

  • NEW 613.04244 FALTER 2020
    Falter, Suzanne
    The extremely busy woman’s guide to self-care : do less, achieve more, and live the life you want
    ISBN:“1492698539 : PAP”, “9781492698531 : PAP”

  • NEW 613.2 PETRUCCI 2019
    Petrucci, Kellyann
    Dr. Kellyann’s cleanse and reset / Detoxify, Nourish, and Restore Your Body for Sustained Weight Loss…in Just 5 Days
    ISBN:“1984826670 : HRD”, “9781984826671 : HRD”

  • NEW 613.287 SIEGEL 2019
    Siegel, Seth M.
    Troubled water : what’s wrong with what we drink
    Summary:"If you thought America’s drinking water problems started and ended in Flint, Michigan, think again. From big cities and suburbs to the rural heartland, chemicals linked to cancer, heart disease, obesity, birth defects, and lowered IQ routinely spill from our taps. Many are to blame: the EPA, Congress, a bipartisan coalition of powerful governors and mayors, chemical companies, and drinking water utilities — even NASA and the Pentagon. Meanwhile, the bottled water industry has been fanning our fears about tap water, but bottled water is often no safer. The tragedy is that existing technologies could launch a new age of clean, healthy, and safe tap water for only a few dollars a week per person. Scrupulously researched, Troubled Water is full of shocking stories about contaminated water found throughout the country and about the everyday heroes who have successfully forced changes in the quality and safety of our drinking water. And it concludes with what America must do to reverse decades of neglect and play-it-safe inaction by government at all levels in order to keep our most precious resource safe"–
    ISBN:1250132541, 9781250132543

  • NEW 613.7 MUTH 2020
    Muth, Natalie Digate, M.D./ Abrams, Steve, M.D. (CON)/ Armstrong, Sarah, M.D. (CON)/ Nemeth, Blaise A., M.D. (CON)
    Family Fit Plan : A 30-Day Wellness Transformation
    ISBN:“1610023382 : PAP”, “9781610023382 : PAP”

  • NEW 613.94 HILL 2019
    Hill, Sarah E.
    This is your brain on birth control : the surprising science of sex, women, hormones, and the law of unintended consequences
    Summary:"An eye-opening book that reveals crucial information every woman taking hormonal birth control should know"–
    ISBN:0525536035, 9780525536031

  • NEW 616.0472 SIZER 2019
    Sizer, Phil
    Chronic Pain the Drug Free Way : Overcoming Common Problems
    ISBN:“1847094791 : PAP”, “9781847094797 : PAP”

  • NEW 616.079 YOUNGER 2019
    Younger, David S.
    The autoimmune brain : a five-step plan for treating chronic pain, depression, anxiety, fatigue, and attention disorders
    Summary:The connection between the autoimmune system and brain health is now well-established. But attending to that connection to achieve better brain and overall health outcomes can be a challenge. Here, Dr. David Younger explains how seemingly unrelated diseases are linked to autoimmunity and can be treated by following an immune-enhancing program.
    ISBN:1538117703, 9781538117705, “9781538117712 (ePub ebook) :”

  • NEW 616.89 CAHALAN 2019
    Cahalan, Susannah
    The great pretender : the undercover mission that changed our understanding of madness
    Summary:For centuries, doctors have struggled to define mental illness–how do you diagnose it, how do you treat it, how do you even know what it is? In search of an answer, in the 1970s a Stanford psychologist named David Rosenhan and seven other people–sane, normal, well-adjusted members of society–went undercover into asylums around America to test the legitimacy of psychiatry’s labels. Forced to remain inside until they’d "proven" themselves sane, all eight emerged with alarming diagnoses and even more troubling stories of their treatment. Rosenhan’s watershed study broke open the field of psychiatry, closing down institutions and changing mental health diagnosis forever. But, as Cahalan’s explosive new research shows, very little in this saga is exactly as it seems. What really happened behind those closed asylum doors, and what does it mean for our understanding of mental illness today?
    ISBN:“1538715287 (hardcover)”, “9781538715284 (hardcover)”

  • NEW 621.31244 CHIRAS 2020
    Chiras, Daniel D
    Solar electricity basics : powering your home or office with solar energy
    ISBN:“086571925X : PAP”, “9780865719255 : PAP”

  • NEW 641.3 GARRETT 2019
    Eat joy : stories & comfort food from 31 celebrated writers
    Summary:This collection of intimate, illustrated essays by some of America’s most well-regarded literary writers explores how comfort food can help us cope with dark times–be it the loss of a parent, the loneliness of a move, or the pain of heartache.
    ISBN:“1936787792 :”, “9781936787791 :”

  • NEW 641.5 JOY 2019
    Rombauer, Irma S.
    Joy of cooking
    Summary:This new edition of Joy, thoroughly revised and expanded by Irma Rombauer’s great-grandson John Becker and his wife, Megan Scott. updates the nearly ninety year-old kitchen bible. They developed more than six hundred new recipes for this edition, tested and tweaked thousands of classic recipes, and updated every section of every chapter to reflect the latest ingredients and techniques available to today’s home cooks. Their strategy for revising this edition was the same one Irma and Marion employed: Vet, research, and improve Joy’s coverage of legacy recipes while introducing new dishes, modern cooking techniques, and comprehensive information on ingredients now available at farmers’ markets and grocery stores. You will find tried-and-true favorites—all retested and faithfully improved—as well as new favorites. In addition to a thoroughly modernized vegetable chapter, there are many more vegan and vegetarian recipes. Joy’s baking chapters now include gram weights for accuracy, along with a refreshed lineup of baked goods, as well as gluten-free recipes for pizza dough and yeast breads. A new chapter on streamlined cooking explains how to economize time, money, and ingredients and avoid waste. You will learn how to use a diverse array of ingredients. New techniques include low-temperature and sous vide cooking, fermentation, and cooking with both traditional and electric pressure cookers. Barbecuing, smoking, and other outdoor cooking methods are covered in even greater detail. This new edition of Joy is the perfect combination of classic recipes, new dishes, and indispensable reference information for today’s home cooks. Whether it is the only cookbook on your shelf or one of many, Joy continues the legacy of being the essential and trusted guide for home cooks for almost a century.
    ISBN:1501169718, 9781501169717

  • NEW 641.5092 PLATT 2019
    Platt, Adam (food writer)
    The book of eating : adventures in professional gluttony
    Summary:"As the son of a diplomat growing up in places like Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan, Adam Platt didn’t have the chance to become a picky eater. Living, traveling, and eating in some of the most far-flung locations around the world, he developed an eclectic palate and a nuanced understanding of cultures and cuisines that led to some revelations which would prove important in his future career as a food critic. In Tokyo, for instance–"a kind of paradise for nose-to-tail cooking"–he learned that "if you’re interested in telling a story, a hair-raisingly bad meal is much better than a good one." From dim sum in Hong Kong to giant platters of Peking duck in Beijing, fresh-baked croissants in Paris and pierogi on the snowy streets of Moscow, Platt takes us around the world, re-tracing the steps of a unique, and lifelong, culinary education. Providing a glimpse into a life that has intertwined food and travel in exciting and unexpected ways, The Book of Eating is a delightful and sumptuous trip that is also the culinary coming-of-age of a voracious eater and his eventual ascension to become, as he puts it, "a professional glutton."–Amazon.
    ISBN:0062293540, 9780062293541

  • NEW 641.555 SKEHAN 2018
    Skehan, Donal
    Meals in minutes : 90 suppers from scratch ; 15 minutes prep
    Summary:Donal’s Meals in Minutes is all about real, honest, fast food made with simple ingredients and clever cooking methods that are the building blocks for delicious home-cooked suppers. These recipes require minimum equipment and ingredients to deliver speedy suppers, ready to serve straight to the table! If you’ve been in a cooking rut, this is the book to change your approach to the kitchen. Donal has delivered 90 fuss-free, flavour-packed recipes, including many from his Meals in Minutes TV series. He has divided the book into six chapters based on how people shop and cook, allowing you to choose a delicious meal that suits the shape of your evening every night.
    ISBN:1473674263, 9781473674264

  • NEW 641.5638 TRESCOTT 2019
    Trescott, Mickey
    The nutrient-dense kitchen : 125 autoimmune paleo recipes for deep healing and vibrant health
    Summary:Our food system is flooded with high-energy foods, but these products only serve to fill us up and offer close to nothing in the way of true nourishment. Trescott shows that nutrient density in the diet impacts both the outcome of chronic illness and the prevention of future disease. She starts with a comprehensive tour of nutrients that are essential for both optimal health and deep healing, and provides an overview of Autoimmune Protocol details; as tips for setting up your kitchen to cook whole foods; and recipes, meal plans, and shopping lists. —
    ISBN:0692042024, 9780692042021

  • NEW 641.5944 CRAIG 2019
    Craig, Caroline
    Provence the cookbook : recipes from the French Mediterranean
    Summary:"Provence is the fruit and vegetable garden of France, where much of its most beautiful produce is grown. These ingredients, combined with Provence’s unique identity, position, and history have resulted in a cuisine full of heart, balance, and soul-a cuisine that showcases its peoples’ reverence for the produce, the changing seasons, and the land. Caroline Rimbert Craig’s maternal family comes from the southern foothills of Mont Ventoux, where the sun beats hard and dry, but aromatic herbs, vines, and fruit trees prosper. This is her guide to cooking the Provençal way, for those who want to eat simply but well, who love to cook dishes that rhyme with the seasons, and who want to recreate the flavors of the Mediterranean at home, wherever that may be. With stunning color photographs to accompany the recipes, the book is also interspersed with shots of Provence’s beautiful landscapes, reflecting the region’s rich culinary culture"–
    ISBN:“1623719208 : HRD”, “9781623719203 : HRD”

  • NEW 641.81 AMERICA’S 2019
    The side dish bible : 1001 perfect recipes for every vegetable, rice, grain, and bean dish you’ll ever need
    Summary:Every cook struggles over making side dishes, from choosing what goes best with the main course to getting stuck in a rut making the same tired green beans and rice. But this destined-to-be-dog-ear’d compendium of side dishes changes all that; more thorough than any other cookbook, our first complete compilation of side dishes offers 1,001 perfect recipes for tonight and every night, whether you only have a few minutes or need your next dinner-party go-to.
    ISBN:1945256990, 9781945256998

  • NEW 641.813 WOODS 2019
    Woods, Rebecca
    Nourish Soups: Hearty Soups with a Healthy Twist
    ISBN:1787132684, 9781787132689

  • NEW 641.822 CONTALDO 2020
    Contaldo, Gennaro
    Gennaro’s pasta perfecto! : the essential collection of fresh and dried pasta dishes
    Summary:""There’s nothing Gennaro doesn’t know about pasta-he’s an absolute legend!" -Jamie Oliver This new book from celebrated Chef Gennaro Contaldo is all about pasta. An inexpensive staple that can be easily transformed into a luxurious meal, the possibilities of pasta are endless-perfect for busy families and for easy entertaining. Join Gennaro on an exciting Italian adventure and discover both new and traditional dishes that can often be whipped up in a matter of minutes. Gennaro’s Pasta Perfecto is a delicious collection of over 100 recipes, beautifully photographed by David Loftus. It features dried, fresh, filled, and baked pasta dishes, such as lasagna four ways, minestrone soup, homemade ravioli, and pesto. Packed with tips for picking the best shape for sauces, and featuring recipes from across Italy, this is an essential book for any pasta enthusiast"–

  • NEW 641.865 CHANG 2019
    Chang, Joanne
    Pastry love
    ISBN:“9780544836488 (paper over board)”

  • NEW 642.4 ROMAN 2019
    Roman, Alison
    Nothing fancy : unfussy food for having people over
    Summary:An unexpected weeknight meal with a neighbor or a weekend dinner party with fifteen of your closest friends—either way and everywhere in between, having people over is supposed to be fun, not stressful. This abundant collection of all-new recipes—heavy on the easy-to-execute vegetables and versatile grains, paying lots of close attention to crunchy, salty snacks, and with love for all the meats—is for gatherings big and small, any day of the week. Alison Roman will give you the food your people want (think DIY martini bar, platters of tomatoes, pots of coconut-braised chicken and chickpeas, pans of lemony turmeric tea cake) plus the tips, sass, and confidence to pull it all off. With this cookbook, any night of the week is worth celebrating.
    ISBN:“0451497015 (hardcover)”, “9780451497017 (hardcover)”

  • NEW 643.3 PROVEY 2020
    Provey, Joseph R.
    1001 Ideas for Kitchen Organization : The Ultimate Sourcebook for Storage Ideas and Materials
    ISBN:“1580118445 : PAP”, “9781580118446 : PAP”

  • NEW 646.7 WEIR 2019
    Weir, Laura
    Cosy : the British art of comfort
    Summary:The Danes have hygge. The Swedes have lagom. Now, Laura Weir, a beloved lifestyle journalist and editor-in-chief of London Evening Standard’s weekly ES magazine, introduces American readers to the Brits’ best-kept secret—coziness—an indulgent, luxurious, yet unfussy way of creating comfort and joy. Cosy is “the slacker’s guide to staying at home, an antidote to peak frazzle.” With trademark Anglo cheekiness, Laura Weir perfectly captures the British essence of cosy. She celebrates socks, warms to the joys of toasty open fires, and extols the virtues of a quiet walk, ultimately enticing us all to create the British magic of cosy in our everyday lives. With more than 140 whimsical illustrations and interviews with British lifestyle experts, including Melissa Hemsley, Sophie Dahl, and Dolly Alderton, Cosy is a perfect reminder to slow down, have a cuppa, and settle in when life pushes you into overdrive.
    ISBN:“0062948164 (hardcover)”, “9780062948168 (hardcover)”

  • NEW 646.79 HOWELLS 2020
    Howells, John
    Where to retire : America’s best & most affordable places
    Summary:Where to Retire offers the best advice not only on where to relocate in the retirement years, but why people should pick up and move just as life is settling down. Retirement guru John Howells provides well-researched and completely revised and updated information on how to find the ideal home base for the retirement years.
    ISBN:1493043668, 9781493043668

  • NEW 648.9 JAMESON 2019
    Jameson, Marni
    Downsizing the Blended Home : When Two Households Become One
    ISBN:“1454934735 : PAP”, “9781454934738 : PAP”

  • NEW 658.5 KUANG 2019
    Kuang, Cliff
    User friendly : how the hidden rules of design are changing the way we live, work, and play
    Summary:Combining the expertise and insight of a leading journalist and a pioneering designer, Kuang and Fabricant provide a definitive, thoughtful, and practical perspective on a topic that has rapidly gone from arcane to urgent to inescapable.
    ISBN:“0374279756 (hardcover)”, “9780374279752 (hardcover)”

  • NEW 677 BURGESS 2019
    Burgess, Rebecca
    Fibershed : growing a movement of farmers, fashion activists, and makers for a new textile economy
    Summary:"There is a major disconnect between what we wear and our knowledge of its impact on land, air, water, labor, and human health. Even those who value access to safe, local, nutritious food have largely overlooked the production of fiber, dyes, and the chemistry that forms the backbone of modern textile production. While humans are 100 percent reliant on their second skin, it’s common to think little about the biological and human cultural context from which our clothing derives. Almost a decade ago, weaverand natural dyer Rebecca Burgess developed a project focused on wearing clothing made from fiber grown, woven, and sewn within her bioregion of North Central California. As she began to network with ranchers, farmers, and artisans, she discovered that even in her home community there was ample raw material being grown to support a new regional textile economy with deep roots in climate change prevention and soil restoration. A vision for the future came into focus, combining right livelihoods and a textile system based on economic justice and soil carbon enhancing practices. Burgess saw that we could create viable supply chains of clothing that could become the new standard in a world looking to solve the climate crisis. In Fibershed readers will learn how natural plant dyes and fibers such as wool, cotton, hemp, and flax can be grown and processed as part of a scalable, restorative agricultural system. They will also learn about milling and other technical systems needed to make regional textile production possible. Fibershed is a resource for fiber farmers, ranchers, contract grazers, weavers, knitters, slow-fashion entrepreneurs, soil activists, and conscious consumers who want to join or create their own fibershed and topple outdated and toxic systems of exploitation"–
    ISBN:9781603586627, “1603586636 : PAP”, “9781603586634 : PAP”

  • NEW 728.373 KOONES 2019
    Koones, Sheri
    Downsize: Living Large in a Small House
    ISBN:1641550333, 9781641550338

  • NEW 745.5 MONTEITH 2019
    Monteith, Jane
    The ultimate fluid pouring & painting project book : inspiration and techniques for using alcohol inks, acrylics, resin, and more; create colorful paintings, resin coasters, agate slices, vases, vessels & more
    Summary:"Discover and master the fun, creative, and colorful methods of fluid pouring and painting with 10 projects, customizable to your personal vision and open to endless variation. Fluid pouring and painting can result in beautiful, organic, and abstract designs that can be captured on special papers, canvas and board substrates, used to make gorgeous lampshades, poured into molds or dishes to create coasters, geodes, and agate slices, and can even be formed into vases, vessels, and bowls. Join mixed-media artist and international instructor Jane Monteith, a master of the fluid artforms and creator of the stunningly beautiful and popular paintings called MOD Minis, in this wildly popular new art form. For both novice and experienced artists, this expressive book shares detailed, comprehensive techniques for working with high flow inks and acrylic paints. The Ultimate Fluid Pouring & Painting Project Book guides you through a variety of different fluid projects, from fluid-painted collage to resin-poured paints on different substrates. You will: Learn to use various tools and solutions to create beautiful colors and textures on paper. Learn how to work with resin and avoid common mistakes to produce a flawless finish. Gain an understanding of basic color theory and which color combinations go hand in hand to create elegant designs. Become knowledgeable on what types of products to use to create various effects. Understand how to seal and protect your work for years to come. With these creative projects, you’llbe making your own beautiful fluid artwork in no time"–
    ISBN:9781631597640, “1631597639 : PAP”, “9781631597633 : PAP”

  • NEW 747 BLOMQUIST 2019
    Blomquist, Hans
    Inspired by Nature : Creating a Personal & Natural Interior
    ISBN:“1788790219 : HRD”, “9781788790215 : HRD”

  • NEW 791.068 SNOW 2019
    Snow, Richard
    Disney’s land
    Summary:"By the early 1950s Walt Disney’s great achievements in animation were behind him, and he was increasingly bored by the two-dimensional film medium. He wanted to work in three, to build an entirely new sort of amusement park, one that relied more on cinematic techniques than on thrill rides, one from which all tawdriness had been purged. He achieved it, but just barely: he ran out of money, had to borrow against his life insurance, fell out with his studio, frightened his family, and endured much ridicule. What he built was far more influential than is generally understood-for one thing, Disneyland’s Main Street sparked an architectural preservation movement that touched every American downtown-and remains controversial: many see it as a retreat from life itself. What is beyond argument is that Disneyland was something new, both in public entertainment, and in the way its "lands" managed to chime with how millions of Americans wanted to view their country-six hundred million Americans so far, and they just keep on coming. It reflects the park’s uniqueness, but just as strongly that of the man who built it with a watchmaker’s precision, an artist’s conviction, and the desperate, high-hearted recklessness of a riverboat gambler"–
    ISBN:1501190814, 9781501190810, 1501190806, 9781501190803

  • NEW 796.32362 POWELL 2019
    Powell, Michael
    Canyon dreams : a basketball season on the Navajo Nation
    Summary:Deep in the heart of northern Arizona, in a small and isolated patch of the vast 17.5-million-acre Navajo reservation, sits Chinle High School. Here, basketball is passion, passed from grandparent to parent to child. Rez Ball is a sport for winters where dark and cold descend fast and there is little else to do but roam mesa tops, work, and wonder what the future holds. The town has 4,500 residents and the high school arena seats 7,000. Fans drive thirty, fifty, even eighty miles to see the fast-paced and highly competitive matchups that are more than just games to players and fans.
    ISBN:“0525534660 : HRD”, “9780525534662 : HRD”

  • NEW 814.6 PERRY 2019
    Perry, Andre
    Some of Us Are Very Hungry Now
    ISBN:“1937512835 : PAP”, “9781937512835 : PAP”

  • NEW 854.92 FERRANTE 2019
    Ferrante, Elena
    Incidental inventions
    Summary:Elena Ferrante is the best-selling author of My Brilliant Friend, now an HBO original series. Collected here for the first time are the seeds of future novels, the timely reflections of this internationally beloved storyteller, the abiding preoccupations of a writer who has been called "one of the great novelists of our time" (New York Times)
    ISBN:1609455584, 9781609455583

  • NEW 910.202 SCHULTZ 2019
    Schultz, Patricia
    1,000 Places to See Before You Die (Deluxe Edition): The World as You’ve Never Seen It Before
    Summary:A photo-driven, deluxe gift-book edition of one of the bestselling travel books of all time, Schultz’s #1 <i>New York Times<i> bestseller.
    ISBN:1579657885, 9781579657888

  • NEW 910.91632 LEVY 2019
    Levy, Buddy
    Labyrinth of ice : the triumphant and tragic Greely polar expedition
    Summary:"Based on the author’s exhaustive research, the incredible true story of the Greely Expedition, one of the most harrowing adventures in the annals of polar exploration. In July 1881, Lt. A.W. Greely and his crew of 24 scientists and explorers were bound for the last region unmarked on global maps. Their goal: Farthest North. What would follow was one of the most extraordinary and terrible voyages ever made. Greely and his men confronted every possible challenge-vicious wolves, sub-zero temperatures, and months of total darkness-as they set about exploring one of the most remote, unrelenting environments on the planet. In May 1882, they broke the 300-year-old record, and returned to camp to eagerly await the resupply ship scheduled to return at the end of the year. Only nothing came. 250 miles south, a wall of ice prevented any rescue from reaching them. Provisions thinned and a second winter descended. Back home, Greely’s wife worked tirelessly against government resistance to rally a rescue mission. Months passed, and Greely made a drastic choice: he and his men loaded the remaining provisions and tools onto their five small boats, and pushed off into the treacherous waters. After just two weeks, dangerous floes surrounded them. Now new dangers awaited: insanity, threats of mutiny, and cannibalism. As food dwindled and the men weakened, Greely’s expedition clung desperately to life. Labyrinth of Ice tells the true story of the heroic lives and deaths of these voyagers hell-bent on fame and fortune-at any cost-and how their journey changed the world"–
    ISBN:1250182190, 9781250182197

  • NEW 910.91822 RICK 2019
    Steves, Rick
    Rick Steves Mediterranean cruise ports
    ISBN:“1641710950 : PAP”, “9781641710954 : PAP”

  • NEW 912.74461 ATLAS 2019
    The atlas of Boston history
    Summary:This landmark volume captures all aspects of Boston’s past in a series of 57 stunning full-color spreads. Each section features newly created thematic maps that focus on moments and topics in that history.
    ISBN:022663115X, 9780226631158

  • NEW 915.357 DK 2019
    Dk Eyewitness (COR)
    Dk Eyewitness Top 10 Dubai and Abu Dhabi
    ISBN:“0241368030 : PAP”, “9780241368039 : PAP”

  • NEW 915.9304 DK 2019
    Dorling Kindersely Limited (COR)
    DK Eyewitness Travel Thailand
    ISBN:“0241368871 : PAP”, “9780241368879 : PAP”

  • NEW 917.3 LONELY 2019
    The unique states of America : can’t-miss experiences across the USA
    Summary:Travel off the beaten path and into the heart of each state with our expert itineraries exploring some of the USA’s finest art and culture, food and drink, history, sports, and family-friendly places. Get fascinating insights into unmissable sights, attractions, parks and more with Lonely Planet’s expert commentary and stunning photography.
    ISBN:1788686411, 9781788686419

  • NEW 917.4461 NOT 2020
    Not for Tourists (COR)
    Not for Tourists Guide to Boston 2020
    ISBN:“1510747095 : PAP”, “9781510747098 : PAP”

  • NEW 920.0092924 LEBRECHT 2019
    Lebrecht, Norman
    Genius & anxiety : how Jews changed the world 1847-1947
    ISBN:“1982134224 : HRD”, “9781982134228 : HRD”

  • NEW 940.5314 BAIER 2019
    Baier, Bret
    Three days at the brink : FDR’s daring gamble to win World War II
    Summary:November 1943: World War II teetered in the balance. The Nazis controlled nearly all of the European continent. Japan dominated the Pacific. Allied successes at Sicily and Guadalcanal had gained modest ground but at an extraordinary cost. On the Eastern Front, the Soviets had already lost millions of lives. That same month in Tehran, with the fate of the world in question, the ‘Big Three,’ Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin, secretly met for the first time to chart a strategy for defeating Hitler. Over three days, this trio, strange bedfellows united by their mutual responsibility as heads of the Allied powers, made essential decisions that would direct the final years of the war and its aftermath. Meanwhile, looming over the covert meeting was the possible threat of a Nazi assassination plot nicknamed ‘Operation Long Jump,’ heightening the already dramatic stakes.
    ISBN:0062905686, 9780062905680

  • NEW 940.541273 ISSERMAN 2019
    Isserman, Maurice
    The winter army : the World War II odyssey of the 10th Mountain Division, America’s elite alpine warriors
    Summary:"The epic story of the U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division, whose elite soldiers broke the last line of German defenses in Italy’s mountains in 1945, spearheading the Allied advance to the Alps and final victory."–Provided by publisher.
    ISBN:“1328871436 (hardcover)”, “9781328871435 (hardcover)”

  • NEW 940.548641 HUTTON 2019
    Hutton, Robert
    Agent Jack: The True Story of Mi5’s Secret Nazi Hunter
    ISBN:1250221765, 9781250221766

  • NEW 943.155 MACGREGOR 2019
    MacGregor, Iain
    Checkpoint Charlie : the Cold War, the Berlin Wall, and the most dangerous place on earth
    Summary:"Checkpoint Charlie is the story of the men and women – from both sides of the Cold War’s political divide – who lived, served on, or escaped through the Berlin Wall during its life span (13th August 1961 – 9th November 1989). This physical monstrosity created by the East German communist state was to divide one of the most beautiful and by 1961, ruined cities of the world; dividing families, friends and lovers. Its creation, and its sudden collapse twenty-seven years later, were the key moments of the Cold War. Checkpoint Charlie was the one place in a paranoid continent where East faced West across one hundred yards of No Man’s Land. Where soldiers served, spies watched through trained binoculars, escapees fled, politicians made speeches, people died and, mothers wept. The Wall was seen by many as permanent as the Himalayas. Across the Wall’s almost three decades of existence, over two hundred people died trying to escape through it to the West, and these are just the recorded deaths. Many more who attempted and failed to break to freedom, would later die of their wounds in an East German hospital or prison. Historian Iain MacGregor travels to America, Britain, Germany and France to talk to the many people the Berlin Wall affected and who found themselves at the gates of Checkpoint Charlie – either on the Allied, or Soviet side. He interviews soldiers, politicians, journalists, spies, policemen, refugees and escapees to build a picture of what life was like in the city that was universally seen as the "hot spot" of the Cold War for four decades"–
    ISBN:1982100044, 9781982100049, 1982100036, 9781982100032

  • NEW 951.93 PALIN 2019
    Palin, Michael
    North Korea Journal
    ISBN:“0735279829 : HRD”, “9780735279827 : HRD”

  • NEW 959.1 THANT MYINT-U 2020
    Thant Myint-U
    The hidden history of Burma : race, capitalism, and the crisis of democracy in the 21st century
    Summary:"How did one of the world’s "buzzy hotspots" (Fodor’s 2013) become one of the top ten places to avoid (Fodor’s 2018)? Less than a decade ago, the world cheered as a dictatorship crumbled and internationally beloved Nobel Laureate Aung San Suu Kyi emerged from twenty years of house arrest. Yet just three years after her landslide victory at the polls, the country stands accused of war crimes and the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Rohingya Muslims. As an historian, former diplomat, and presidential advisor, Thant Myint-U was part of the momentous changes that pulled Burma toward democracy, working with the ex-generals and meeting many of the country’s biggest supporters, from Bono to Barack Obama. Yet no one was prepared to Burma’s underlying challenges, from fast- rising inequality, disintegrating state institutions, and the impacts of climate change, to the rise of China next door and the issues of race, religion, and "national identity" deeply rooted in the country’s traumatic colonial past. In this riveting insider’s diagnosis of a country at a breaking point, Thant Myint-U shows that Burma’s perils, far from being unique, are many of the same facing all of us. Burma is a warning for the world"–
    ISBN:1324003294, 9781324003298

  • NEW 973.30922 CHAFFIN 2019
    Chaffin, Tom
    Revolutionary brothers : Thomas Jefferson, the Marquis de Lafayette, and the friendship that helped forge two nations
    Summary:In a narrative both panoramic and intimate, Chaffin captures the four-decade friendship of Thomas Jefferson and the Marquis de Lafayette.
    ISBN:1250113725, 9781250113726, 9781250113740