Children’s New Arrivals – Biography

December Arrivals

    Buckley, James, Jr.
    Who was Benedict Arnold?
    Summary:"Benedict Arnold fought for the colonies during the American Revolution and was even considered a patriotic war hero after being wounded in battle. But in 1780, he made a decision that no one could anticipate. He betrayed his fellow Americans and joined the British army"–
    ISBN:9780593223017, “1544449976 : PBD”, “9781544449975 : PBD”

    Gurevich, Margaret
    Who was Nellie Bly?
    Summary:"Known for her extraordinary and record-breaking trip around the world and her undercover investigation of a mental institution, Nellie Bly was one of the first female investigative reporters in the United States and a pioneer in the field of journalism"–
    ISBN:9781524787554, “1544449925 : PBD”, “9781544449920 : PBD”

    Labrecque, Ellen
    Who was Kobe Bryant?
    Summary:"Kobe Bryant was just an eighteen-year-old high-school basketball player when he decided to enter the National Basketball Association’s draft. Though he was the thirteenth overall pick by the Charlotte Hornets, he would never play a single game for them. Instead, Kobe was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers, where he would spend his entire twenty-season career, winning five championships and numerous awards. Author Ellen Labreque takes readers through each exciting moment, from his iconic dunks to his 81-point game–all the milestones that span Kobe Bryant’s legendary career and legacy."–Amazon.
    ISBN:171371857X, 9781713718574, 0593225708, 9780593225707