Children’s New Arrivals – Fiction

August Arrivals

    Adrian, Susan
    Forever Neverland
    Summary:Told in two voices, Clover, twelve, and her autistic brother Fergus, eleven, discover they are descended from Wendy Darling and set off with Peter Pan for adventures in Neverland.
    ISBN:“9780525579281 (ebook)”, “0525579265 : HRD”, “9780525579267 : HRD”

    Appleton, Victor
    The drone pursuit
    Summary:Tom Swift and his friends at the Swift Academy work together to retrieve a drone that was taken by the custodian, Mr. Conway, who they believe is a notorious hacker.
    ISBN:“1534436316 : HRD”, “9781534436312 : HRD”

    de Fombelle, Timothee
    Captain Rosalie
    Summary:"This story previously appeared, in slightly different form, in The great war (Candlewick Press, 2015)"–Page facing title page.
    ISBN:1536205206, 9781536205206

    Flanagan, John
    Duel at Araluen
    Summary:Maddie, Will Treaty’s fearless young apprentice, aided by Hal, Thorn, and the rest of the Heron Brotherband, tries to rescue her mother, Princess Cassandra, who is trapped in Castle Araluen.
    ISBN:“1524741418 (hardback)”, “9781524741419 (hardback)”

    Flanagan, John
    The Red Fox Clan
    Summary:After passing her third-year apprentice tests, Maddie is called home to Castle Araluen where a group of masked anarchists are organizing a coup to overthrow her family’s succession.
    ISBN:“172541998X : PBD”, “9781725419988 : PBD”

    Marsh, Katherine
    Nowhere boy
    Summary:"Fourteen-year-old Ahmed, a Syrian refugee, and thirteen-year-old Max, an American boy, are bound by a secret that sets them on the adventure of a lifetime"–
    ISBN:1250307570, 9781250307576

    Stilton, Thea
    The phantom of the orchestra
    Summary:Violet has been chosen to play in the orchestra for a production of Romeo and Juliet in London! The mouselets begin to notice strange things happening during rehearsals. Someone is trying to sabotage the production. Can the Sisters uncover the phantom before the show is ruined?
    ISBN:1338306154, 9781338306156

    Webb, Holly
    A kitten named Tiger
    Summary:"Ava and her sisters are thrilled to be getting a kitten. And they all agree that adventurous Tiger is the perfect one for them! When Tiger disappears one day, Ava is sure that he’s in danger. It’s up to her to rescue the kitten–and to do that, she’s going to have to be every bit as brave as Tiger."–
    ISBN:(paperback), 1680104284, “1680104284 (paperback)”, (paperback), 9781680104288, “9781680104288 (paperback)”

    Webb, Holly
    The abandoned puppy
    Summary:When Zoe helps out at Aunt Jo’s animal rescue, she’s caught up in an emergency right away. Three tiny puppies have been abandoned on the doorstep and need nursing back to help, especially the littlest puppy, Cookie. Zoe knows she can’t have a dog of her own, but as the days go by, she becomes more and more attached to the puppies, and she loves Cookie the most. How will she cope when it’s time for Cookie to be adopted.
    ISBN:“1680104225 (paperback)”, “9781680104226 (paperback)”, “1680100912 (library binding)”, “9781680100914 (library binding)”

    Webb, Holly
    The forgotten puppy
    Summary:"Emi has wanted a dog for as long as she can remember. So when she gets Miki, a little Shiba Inu puppy, Emi wants to take her everywhere. There’s just one problem – she has to leave Miki behind on the weekends she spends with Dad. Miki can’t understand why Emi keeps going away! When one of the trips seems longer than usual, Miki is convinced that Emi has forgotten all about her. Miki sets out on her own, determined to find her owner. But where should she look?" — back cover.
    ISBN:1680104306, 9781680104301, 1680101153, 9781680101157

    Webb, Holly
    The homeless kitten
    Summary:"Lily and her dad are taking their dog, Hugo, for a walk in the woods when Hugo sniffs out a litter of tiny kittens! But the mother cat is nowhere to be found. Lily is most worried about the fluffy white kitten, who looks so small and hungry. With no room for the kittens at the local animal rescue, Lily’s family agrees to take care of them until a forever home is found. As each day passes and the kittens grow stronger, Lily falls in love with them more and more. She knows it won’t be long before the kittens are ready to be adopted, but she cannot bear the thought of saying good-bye; especially to the little white kitten!"–
    ISBN:1680104233, 9781680104233, 1680100920, 9781680100921

    Webb, Holly
    The puppy who was left behind
    Summary:"Anna is excited to be spending a week on her grandparents houseboat. And the best thing is, shell be bringing here puppy, Fred. But the boat is a small space for a lively puppy, and soon, Fred is in trouble with everyone. Anna is heartbroken when the grown-ups decide that Fred would be better off at home. When her parents come to pick him up, he slips out of his collar and runs off into the woods. Will Anna ever see her beloved puppy again?" —
    ISBN:“1680104357 (paperback)”, “9781680104356 (paperback)”, 1680101218, 9781680101218

    Webb, Holly
    The rescued kitten
    Summary:Edie and her friend Tayla are on their way home from school when they discover a tiny ginger kitten caught up in some barbed wire. She looks weak and has a cut on her leg from the wire, so they rush her home to Edie’s mum, a vet. Edie’s mum isn’t sure that the little kitten is going to make it, as she’s too small to have been separated from her mother and needs bottle-feeding round the clock. But Edie is determined to nurse Barbie back to health and find out what has happened to the rest of the kittens in the litter and their mum. What if they’re in danger, too?
    ISBN:1680104365, 9781680104363

    Webb, Holly
    The seaside puppy
    Summary:"Laura knows shes lucky to live by the ocean at the vacation cottages where her mom works. But she would love to have a dog to play with, too. Then some guests arrive with an adorable King Charles spaniel named Henry. Sadly, the puppy is always left behind when his owners go to the beach. Laura offers to keep an eye on Henry, and soon, the pair are inseparable. But what will happen when its time for Henry to go home?" —
    ISBN:1680104373, 9781680104370

    Webb, Holly
    The stolen kitten
    Summary:"Olivia’s fears come true when her new kitten, Smokey, is nowhere to be found! Who could be responsible for Smokey’s disappearance? And where is the helpless kitten now?"–
    ISBN:(paperback), 1680104292, “1680104292 (paperback)”, (paperback), 9781680104295, “9781680104295 (paperback)”