Children’s New Arrivals – Fiction

December Arrivals

    Beaty, Andrea
    Sofia Valdez and the vanishing vote
    Summary:Sofia is put in charge of overseeing a fair election for a class pet, but first the Questioneers must learn about elections and good journalism–and remember that being a community matters most. Includes facts about the Delano Grape Strike, presidential elections, journalism, and the importance of voting.
    ISBN:1419743511, 9781419743511, 1419743503, 9781419743504, 9781683358329

    Bovis, Ali
    Earth Day extravaganza
    Summary:"Sylvie’s excitement for the upcoming Earth Day Extravaganza fizzles when her cousin, the non-recycler, visits, and she worries not only about saving the entire world, but also about saving the Extravaganza itself"–Page [4] of cover.
    ISBN:1532136544, 9781532136542

    Bovis, Ali
    Save the beach
    Summary:"When faced with the possible closing of her favorite beach, Sylvie first attempts a one-person coastal cleanup march on city hall, but thanks to the town clown, she realizes it will take more than one person to save the beach."–Back cover.
    ISBN:1644943204, 9781644943205, 1532136528, 9781532136528

    Bovis, Ali
    Sea view star
    Summary:"Sylvie can’t wait to raise money for the animal shelter for her Make a Difference Day project, but when her frenemy, Camilla, and Sylvie’s foster puppy create obstacles along the way, Sylvie discovers there is more than one way to make a difference"–Page [4] of cover.
    ISBN:153213651X, 9781532136511

    Bovis, Ali
    Sylvie. Organizer extraordinaire
    Summary:"Sylvie wants to win her school’s talent show so she can be featured in the local newspaper to garner buzz for her coat drive, but she struggles to figure out her talent."–Back cover
    ISBN:1644943212, 9781644943212, 1532136536, 9781532136535

    Callender, Kacen
    King and the dragonflies
    Summary:"In a small but turbulent Louisiana town, one boy’s grief takes him beyond the bayous of his backyard, to learn that there is no right way to be yourself"–
    ISBN:1338129333, 9781338129335

    Chewins, Hayley.
    The sisters of Straygarden Place
    Summary:The grass grew taller than the house itself, surrounding it on all sides. It stuffed the keyholes and scraped against the roof. It shook the walls and made paintings shiver. Seven years ago, the Ballastian sisters’ parents left them in the magical Straygarden Place, a house surrounded by tall silver grass and floating trees. They left behind a warning saying never to leave the house or go into the grass. “Wait for us,” the note read. “Sleep darkly.” Ever since then, the house itself has taken care of Winnow, Mayhap, and Pavonine—feeding them, clothing them, even keeping them company—while the girls have waited and grown up and played a guessing game: Think of an animal, think of a place. Think of a person, think of a face. Until one day, when the eldest, fourteen-year-old Winnow, does the unthinkable and goes outside into the grass, and everything twelve-year-old Mayhap thought she knew about her home, her family, and even herself starts to unravel. With luscious, vivid prose, poet and author Hayley Chewins transports readers to a house where beloved little dogs crawl into their owners’ minds to sleep, sick girls turn silver, and anything can be stolen—even laughter and silence.
    ISBN:153621227X, 9781536212273

    Colbert, Brandy
    The only black girls in town
    Summary:In a predominately white California beach town, the only two black seventh-graders, Alberta and Edie, find hidden journals that uncover family secrets and speak to race relations in the past.
    ISBN:“0316456381 (hardcover)”, “9780316456388 (hardcover)”

    Egan, Kate
    Lost in New York
    Summary:Visiting New York City to take part in an International Declaration of Friendship, Stanley joins a group tour of the city, but when he and a new friend get separated from the group, they manage to have fun while searching Manhattan for their families.
    ISBN:0876179510, 9780876179512, 1549073427, 9781549073427, 060641441X, 9780606414418, 0062366106, 9780062366108, 0062366092, 9780062366092

    Flanagan, John
    The missing prince
    Summary:Charged by Araluen’s King Duncan to covertly rescue the Prince of Gallica from a politically ambitious baron, Will Treaty and his apprentice Maddie take to the road disguised as father and daughter jongleurs.
    ISBN:9780593113479, “0593113454 : HRD”, “9780593113455 : HRD”

    Jacobson, Jennifer
    Big move to a tiny house
    Summary:"Eight- and six-year-old sisters Twig and Turtle are excited and curious about their new small town in Colorado. And for their cool, tiny house! Their family is united in living more simply, and not stressing out the Earth’s resources. But the move comes with a major problem: How do you fit a Great Dane in a tiny house?"–Dust jacket.
    ISBN:1645950220, 9781645950226, 1645950212, 9781645950219

    Jacobson, Jennifer
    Toy store trouble
    Summary:"In their tiny house, the rule is Twig and Turtle are each allowed to have five toys. With a new toy store opening in town, the rule is creating a big problem–getting a new toy means giving up one they love. But when the girls realize that the owner has very old-fashioned ideas about who should play with what kinds of toys, changing her mind might be the biggest problem of all."–Dust jacket.
    ISBN:“1645950255 (pbk.)”, “9781645950257 (pbk.)”, 1645950247, 9781645950240

    Kelly, Erin Entrada
    We dream of space
    Summary:Cash, Fitch, and Bird Thomas are three siblings in seventh grade together in Park, Delaware. In 1986, as the country waits expectantly for the launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger, they each struggle with their own personal anxieties. Cash, who loves basketball but has a newly broken wrist, is in danger of failing seventh grade for the second time. Fitch spends every afternoon playing Major Havoc at the arcade on Main. And Bird, his twelve-year-old twin, dreams of being NASA’s first female shuttle commander. The Thomas children exist in their own orbits, circling a tense and unpredictable household, with little in common except an enthusiastic science teacher named Ms. Salonga. As the launch of the Challenger approaches, Ms. Salonga gives her students a project; they are separated into spacecraft crews and must create and complete a mission. When the fated day finally arrives, it changes all of their lives and brings them together in unexpected ways.
    ISBN:0063026708, 9780063026704, 0062747304, 9780062747303

    LaReau, Kara
    Rise of Zombert
    Summary:9-year-old Mellie Gore rescues Bert the cat from behind the YummCo Foods factory, and Mellie soon wonders if the mystery surrounding Bert’s behavior is connected to the powerful YummCo Foods company or could he truly be a zombie?
    ISBN:1536201065, 9781536201062

    Levine, Gail Carson
    A ceiling made of eggshells
    Summary:From age seven, Loma relishes traveling with her beloved grandfather across fifteenth-century Spain, working to keep the Jews safe, but soon realizes she must also make sacrifices to help her people. Includes historical notes, recipe, glossary, and a link to a bibliography.
    ISBN:0062878204, 9780062878205, 0062878190, 9780062878199

    Lockington, Mariama
    For black girls like me
    Summary:Eleven-year-old Makeda dreams of meeting her African American mother, while coping with serious problems in her white adopted family, a cross-country move, and being homeschooled.
    ISBN:“0374308047 (hardcover)”, “9780374308049 (hardcover)”

    Don’t turn out the lights: a tribute to Alvin Schwartz’s Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
    Summary:Flesh-hungry ogres? Brains full of spiders? Haunted houses you can’t escape? This collection of 35 terrifying stories from the Horror Writers Association has it all.
    ISBN:0062877674, 9780062877673

    Mbalia, Kwame
    Tristan Strong punches a hole in the sky
    Summary:Seventh-grader Tristan Strong feels anything but strong ever since he failed to save his best friend when they were in a bus accident together. All he has left of Eddie is the journal his friend wrote stories in. Tristan is dreading the month he’s going to spend on his grandparents’ farm. But on his first night there, a sticky creature shows up and steals Eddie’s notebook. Tristan chases after it, and a tug-of-war ensues between them underneath a Bottle Tree. In a last attempt to get it away from the creature, Tristan punches the tree, accidentally ripping open a chasm into the MidPass, a volatile place with a burning sea, haunted bone ships, and iron monsters. Tristan finds himself in the middle of a battle that has left black American folk heroes John Henry and Brer Rabbit exhausted. In order to get back home, Tristan and these new allies will need to entice the god Anansi, the Weaver, to come out of hiding. Can Tristan save this world before he loses more of the things he loves?
    ISBN:1368039936, 9781368039932

    Murphy, Jill
    First prize for the worst witch
    Summary:Mildred Hubble returns to Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches with a big dream: to be chosen as Head Girl! But with Mildred’s history of mistakes and mishaps, even her best friends are skeptical. Besides, Mildred’s rival, Ethel Hallow, is sure to win. Still, the new term is going well until Ethel finds out that Mildred’s beloved stray dog, Star, actually comes from a traveling circus, and Mildred is forced to return him. When Mildred realizes just how unhappy Star and the other circus animals are, she’s determined to get Star back and give his companions a better life, even if it means the headmistress won’t pick her for Head Girl. Little does she know that friendship, compassion, and loyalty might be just the qualities Miss Cackle is looking for!
    ISBN:153621101X, 9781536211016

    Newman, Samantha.
    Adventure stories for daring girls
    ISBN:1839406089, 9781839406089

    Paley, Rebecca
    The Boston Tea Party
    Summary:The Boston Tea Party recounts life in early colonial America leading up to the famous tea tax protest that pushed the American Patriots and the British closer to war. American Girl Felicity Merriman shares how she found herself caught in between the two sides of the American Revolution.
    ISBN:“1338148931 (pbk.)”, “9781338148930 (pbk.)”

    Perl, Erica S.
    Happy fell
    Summary:"Arnold wants to celebrate the start of the cozy autumn season indoors. Louise does not. How can they celebrate fell if they’re not celebrating together?"–
    ISBN:“9781524790462 (hc)”, “9781524790455 (paperback)”

    Reynolds, Jason
    Look both ways : a tale told in ten blocks
    Summary:"A collection of ten short stories that all take place in the same day about kids walking home from school"–
    ISBN:“1481438298 (paperback)”, “9781481438292 (paperback)”, “148143828X (hardback)”, “9781481438285 (hardback)”

    Riordan, Rick
    The tower of Nero
    Summary:Will the Greek god Apollo, cast down to earth in the pathetic mortal form of a teenager named Lester Papadopoulos, finally regain his place on Mount Olympus? Lester’s demigod friends at Camp Jupiter just helped him survive attacks from bloodthirsty ghouls, an evil Roman king and his army of the undead, and the lethal emperors Caligula and Commodus. Now the former god and his demigod master Meg must follow a prophecy uncovered by Ella the harpy. Lester’s final challenge will be at the Tower of Nero, back in New York. Will Meg have a last showdown with her father? Will this helpless form of Apollo have to face his arch nemesis, Python?
    ISBN:1484746457, 9781484746455, 1368065384, 9781368065382

    Roth, Jonathan
    Double trouble
    Summary:While working on his duplication ray, Bob accidentally makes clones of himself and his alien friend Beep, and soon finds out that their doubles are evil and plan to rule the Earth.
    ISBN:0876179898, 1481488627, 9781481488624, 9780876179895, 1481488619, 9781481488617

    Roth, Jonathan
    Take us to your sugar
    Summary:It’s October in space, and Bob is getting excited for his favorite holiday: Halloween. When Bob tells Beep that soon they’ll get to dress up like monsters and get as much free candy as they can carry, Beep thinks he has gone to heaven. But Lani informs them that Halloween isn’t celebrated at Astro Elementary. Bob cannot imagine life without Halloween! He appeals to Principal Quark, but with no success. Determined to save Halloween, Bob and Lani organize a secret club: SCARES (Scary Costumes Are the Right of Every Student, or, more truthfully, the Society of Candy Addicts who Rely on Energy from Sugar). As the secret club grows, Halloween fever invades Astro Elementary. Unfortunately, a horde of grotesque aliens, attracted by the treats, also invades the school on the last day of the month. With everyone in costume, no one can tell who’s who. Beep and Bob may have saved the holiday, but can they somehow use their sugar-addled wits to save the school?–
    ISBN:164310828X, 9781643108285, 1481488597, 9781481488594, 1481488589, 9781481488587, 9781481488600

    Stead, Rebecca
    The list of things that will not change
    Summary:Despite her parents’ divorce, her father’s coming out as gay, and his plans to marry his boyfriend, ten-year-old Bea is reassured by her parents’ unconditional love, excited about getting a stepsister, and haunted by something she did last summer at her father’s lake house.
    ISBN:“1101938129 (pbk.)”, “9781101938126 (pbk.)”, “1101938102 (lib. bdg.)”, “9781101938102 (lib. bdg.)”, “1101938099 (trade)”, “9781101938096 (trade)”

    Stilton, Geronimo
    Superstore surprise
    Summary:It’s the grand opening of Traps new superstore, but nothing is working. The lights won’t turn on, the doors won’t open, and the loudspeaker is broken. Geronimo must figure out who is trying to sabotage the grand opening.
    ISBN:1338654993, 9781338654998

    Stilton, Thea
    Thea Stilton and the rainforest rescue
    Summary:The Thea Sisters are off to save the rainforest in Malaysia!
    ISBN:1338655132, 9781338655131

    Tarshis, Lauren
    I survived the California wildfires, 2018
    Summary:Traces the story of a boy who moves across the country to rural northern California, where his efforts to adjust are challenged by a fast-moving firestorm that places family homes and lives at risk.
    ISBN:1544448244, 9781544448244, 1338317466, 9781338317466, 133831744X, 9781338317442

    Treml, Renée.
    Sherlock Bones and the natural history mystery
    Summary:Prehistoric skeleton and museum detective Sherlock Bones and his stuffed-parrot sidekick, Watts, outmaneuver a sneaky raccoon to track down a missing Royal Blue Diamond.
    ISBN:0358311853, 9780358311850, 0358311845, 9780358311843

    Warner, Gertrude Chandler
    Science fair sabotage
    Summary:Jessie wants her science fair project to make a difference. So when she gets the chance to test a local creek for pollution, she can’t wait to get started. But when things start going wrong with her experiment, Jessie and her siblings don’t just have an experiment to investigate, they have a mystery to solve!
    ISBN:0807507989, 9780807507988, 080750792X, 9780807507926