Children’s New Arrivals – Nonfiction

December Arrivals

  • J 333.9116 BOOTHROYD
    Boothroyd, Jennifer
    Be water-wise, super Grover!
    Summary:Everyone needs water, and there are plenty of ways to save it! Super Grover and friends explain the ways we use water and how to use less, from turning off faucets to choosing shorter showers.
    ISBN:“1541589009 (pbk.)”, “9781541589001 (pbk.)”, 1541572599, 9781541572591

  • J 398.2 ANDERSEN
    McCaughrean, Geraldine
    The little mermaid
    ISBN:“1408357240 (pbk.)”, “9781408357248 (pbk.)”

  • J 508 BELFRAGE
    Belfrage, Sue
    Down to the river and up to the trees : discover the hidden nature on your doorstep
    ISBN:“0008313687 (pbk.) :”, “9780008313685 (pbk.) :”

  • J 523.1 GATER
    Gater, Will
    The mysteries of the universe
    Summary:A guide to some of the most extraordinary places, objects and sights in the cosmos, from the amazing worlds of our olar system to distant galaxies and glowing nebulae–and almost everything in between. Includes 100 objects from throughout the universe, arranged from closest to our planet to farthest away. Discover the best-kept secrets of space.
    ISBN:1465499334, 9781465499332

  • J 551.63 SCHUH
    Schuh, Mari C.
    Predicting the weather
    Summary:"What will the weather be like tomorrow? Is there a way to find out? Yes! Take a closer look at how meteorologists predict the weather."–Back cover.
    ISBN:1731628420, 9781731628428

  • J 567.9 PALLOTTA
    Pallotta, Jerry
    Ultimate dinosaur rumble
    Summary:"What would happen if sixteen dinosaurs met in a tournament? Who will be the dinosaur champion? Who do you think would win?"–Back cover.
    ISBN:171372927X, 9781713729273, 1338320254, 9781338320251

  • J 567.9 SHENEMAN
    Sheneman, Drew/ Sheneman, Drew (ILT)
    Dinosaurs Are Not Extinct : Real Facts About Real Dinosaurs
    ISBN:“0062972340 : SAL”, “9780062972347 : SAL”

  • J 567.9 SIMON
    Simon, Seymour
    Dinosaurs : fact and fable : truths, myths, and new discoveries!
    Summary:Scientists have dug up and uncovered many facts about dinosaurs—and in the process, they have come across many myths. This picture book digs deep into the Age of Dinosaurs, covering topics such as fossilization, plate tectonics, dinosaur diets, paleontology, extinction theories, dinosaur relatives, and more! Get ready to learn what we know about dinosaurs and what we still don’t know, and about the amazing new discoveries being made every single day.–Publisher’s website
    ISBN:0062470647, “9780062470645 (pbk.)”, “0062470647 (lib. bdg.)”, “9780062470645 (lib. bdg.)”

  • J 571.8 FALCONER
    Life cycles : everything from start to finish
    Summary:This book for kids aged 8 and above takes an innovative look at the circle of life including animals, dinosaurs, stars, volcanoes, and even YOU. Everything has a beginning and an end, but what happens in between? Each spread focuses on at least one life cycle. Meet dolphins jumping in the ocean waves, penguins travelling on the ice, and butterflies fluttering in the sky. Shoot back in time 4.5 billion years to see how planet Earth was formed and then leap into the future to see what happens when stars die. You’ll take a closer look at the life cycles of environments, too. Discover how a river forms and changes over time. Find out how a tree grows and all of the other life cycles it supports within it. See the amazing sculptures the oceans make out of cliffs. Dive beneath the surface to see how coral reefs form, and what causes them to die. Follow the life cycles of weather – from water cycles to ice ages, to give you a better grasp of the climate situation we find ourselves in now. From the single-celled amoeba to how the Earth has formed, the life cycles in this book have been carefully chosen to give you an amazing overview of the universe, and how everything is inevitably linked. Filled with facts to amaze your friends as well as beautifully detailed illustrations by Sam Falconer and stunning photography, Life Cycles gets to grips with the essence of life itself.
    ISBN:1465497447, 9781465497444

  • J 590 LILLY
    Taylor, Barbara
    The animal atlas : a pictorial guide to the world’s wildlife
    Summary:"A beautiful and absorbing look at the world’s wildlife, packed with hundreds of superb illustrations, detailed maps and a wealth of fascinating facts."– Provided by publisher.
    ISBN:“1465490973 (hardcover)”, “9781465490971 (hardcover)”

  • J 600 HOW 2020
    How super cool tech works.
    ISBN:0744020298, 9780744020298, “0241426383 (pbk.) :”, “9780241426388 (pbk.) :”

  • J 613.713 VILARDI
    Vilardi, Debbie
    Amazing human feats of strength
    Summary:People all around the world compete to be considered the strongest. Read this book to learn about these record-setters in strength.
    ISBN:“1543541240 (hardcover : alk. paper)”, “9781543541243 (hardcover : alk. paper)”

  • J 629.454 SLADE
    Slade, Suzanne
    Countdown : 2979 days to the moon
    Summary:Told in free verse, the story of the American effort to land the first man on the moon comes to life.
    ISBN:1643108344, 9781643108346, 1682630137, 9781682630136

  • J 794.8 ABDO
    Abdo, Kenny
    Ash and Pikachu : Pokémon heroes
    Summary:This title focuses on video game heroes Ash and Pikachu! It breaks down the origin of their characters, explores the Pokémon franchise, and their legacy. This hi-lo title is complete with thrilling and colorful photographs, simple text, glossary, and an index. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards.
    ISBN:1098221435, 9781098221430

  • J 794.8 ABDO
    Abdo, Kenny
    Lara Croft : Tomb Raider hero
    Summary:This title focuses on video game hero Lara Croft! It breaks down the origin of her character, explores the Tomb Raider franchise, and her legacy. This hi-lo title is complete with thrilling and colorful photographs, simple text, glossary, and an index. Aligned to Common Core Standards and correlated to state standards. Fly! is an imprint of Abdo Zoom, a division of ABDO.
    ISBN:1644944189, 9781644944189, 1098221443, 9781098221447

  • J 794.8 ABDO
    Abdo, Kenny
    Link : Legend of Zelda hero
    ISBN:1098221451, 9781098221454, “1644944197 (pbk.) :”, “9781644944196 (pbk.) :”

  • J 794.8 ABDO
    Abdo, Kenny
    Mario and Luigi
    ISBN:109822146X, 9781098221461, “1644944200 (pbk.) :”, “9781644944202 (pbk.) :”

  • J 794.8 ABDO
    Abdo, Kenny
    Nathan Drake : Uncharted hero
    ISBN:1098221478, 9781098221478, “1644944219 (pbk.) :”, “9781644944219 (pbk.) :”

  • J 794.8 ABDO
    Abdo, Kenny
    Sonic : Sonic the hedgehog hero
    ISBN:1098221486, 9781098221485, “1644944227 (pbk.) :”, “9781644944226 (pbk.) :”

  • J 796.334 GIFFORD
    Gifford, Clive
    My first soccer handbook
    Summary:Clear, accessible text covers everything a young soccer enthusiast needs to know: basic skills, tactics and techniques, rules and referees, world players and tournaments – and so much more. Great step-by-step photography and top tips make this a perfect guide book to take home and to soccer practice.
    ISBN:9780753474419, 0753474417

  • J 823.8 BURGAN
    Burgan, Michael
    What is the story of Dracula?
    Summary:"From appearances in films and animated features to interpretations as a Muppet and breakfast cereal mascot, Dracula has been the inspiration for many other fictional vampires and is now an established figure in pop culture. Created by Bram Stoker in his 1897 Gothic horror novel, Count Dracula is a nobleman who uses his powers as a vampire to dominate his victims. Even though Dracula didn’t succeed in the novel, the fictional character has lived on to dominate the real world as one of its most popular supernatural villains. Author Michael Burgan explores Dracula’s mysterious origins in the historical figures who might have shaped the character, as well as the films and actors that cemented Dracula’s place in cinematic history"–
    ISBN:1524788465, 9781524788469, 1524788457, 9781524788452, 9781524788476

  • J 974.482 ROMERO
    Romero, Libby
    The Mayflower : the perilous journey that changed the world
    Summary:"Step on board the Mayflower and meet the amazing crew and passengers, from burly sailors to pilgrims, servants, orphaned children, and animals. Discover who the pilgrims were and why they chose to risk their lives to make the treacherous journey across the Atlantic, relive the ferocious storms as the Mayflower crested gigantic waves, find out what life was really like on board for the 102 passengers, and discover the secret history of the second ship, the Speedwell. Learn the real story of the Pilgrims’ fateful landing on the shores of what is now Massachusetts. What happened when they met the tribes native to the area and how much truth is there in the Thanksgiving legend? Discover the hardships faced by the Pilgrims on their quest for a new life, and appreciate the sad reality of what happened in the devastating winter that followed their long and dangerous voyage." —
    ISBN:1465491139, 9781465491138, 0241409594, 9780241409596