Teen New Arrivals – Nonfiction

February Arrivals

  • Y 070.43 MILLER 2019
    Miller, Michael
    Fake News: Separating Truth from Fiction
    ISBN:154152814X, 9781541528147

  • Y 616.8582 VITELLI 2018
    Vitelli, Romeo
    Self-injury : your questions answered
    Summary:"Self-Injury: Your Questions Answered debunks some of the misconceptions about self-harm and discusses how damaging these widely held beliefs can be. The book answers many of the most common questions people are likely to ask about self-harm and is broken down into different sections to help readers focus on what is most important to them. Sections include General Information; Causes and Risk Factors; Culture, Media, and Self-Injury; Signs, Symptoms, and Diagnosis, as well as Assessment, Treatment, Prevention, and Life after Self-Injury. Along with case studies exploring different aspects of self-harm, a Directory of Resources is also provided for people seeking additional information."–
    ISBN:1440854440, 9781440854446

  • Y 621.3 WINCHELL 2019
    Winchell, Mike
    The Electric War: Edison, Tesla, Westinghouse, and the Race to Light the World
    ISBN:1250120160, 9781250120168

March Arrivals

  • Y 355.0092 TOLER 2019
    Toler, Pamela D.
    Women Warriors: An Unexpected History
    ISBN:0807064327, 9780807064320

  • Y 581.714 KOCH 2019
    Koch, Melissa
    Forest Talk: How Trees Communicate
    ISBN:1541519779, 9781541519770

  • Y 616.86 SHEFF 2018
    Sheff, David
    High : everything you want to know about drugs, alcohol, and addiction
    Summary:Provides information on drug and alcohol use, shares the stories of families who have lived through addiction, and teaches readers how to navigate peer pressure and stress.
    ISBN:“0544644344 (hardcover)”, “9780544644342 (hardcover)”

  • Y 775 HORENSTEIN 2018
    Horenstein, Henry
    Make better pictures : truth, opinions, and practical advice
    Summary:Henry Horenstein may be the world’s bestselling photography teacher, with more than 700,000 copies of his photography manuals sold. Now, in this easily digestible book of wisdom, he distills a career’s worth of instruction into one hundred memorable pieces of advice. Photography has never been a bigger part of our lives. But how do you transform everyday snapshots into enduring images — or merely upgrade your Instagram game? With images illustrating the impact of each tip, and with examples drawn from iconic artists, Horenstein shows casual and expert photographers alike how to take the best photographs on every device–from a DSLR to an iPhone.
    ISBN:031623088X, 9780316230889