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“Cityscapes, Ocean Views, Reflections”: Watercolors by Abram Shkolnik
On View: Thursday, September 5th – Monday, September 30th


“Boats in Boston Harbor” by Abram Shkolnik


This exhibition of watercolors by Abram Shkolnik leads us far away from the hustle and bustle of the 21st century.


Abram Shkolnik grew up in Akkerman, a town dating back to ancient Greek and Roman times located near the Black Sea (former USSR, currently Ukraine), and has called Boston home since the early 2000s. He succeeded at adding some of his native city’s old world magic into his New England seascapes. The watercolors adhere to European art traditions and create memorable images of New England coastal towns, their laidback attitude and typical coastal buildings. Rarely is there a person in sight, but piers, boats, and the sky reflecting in the quietly lapping water can be found. Shkolnik can detect and transmit the subtlest of nature’s states to the viewer. One sees the artist’s soul in his depictions of water, either still or rushing.


“Pennsylvania Farm” by Abram Shkolnik


The horizon line draws the viewer into the typical quaint Cape Cod landscapes. It’s not an accident that the whole Boston Architectural series speaks to the viewer so well, since the artist is a professional architect of many years. The artist’s depiction of dynamic movement, the intricate interplay of light and shadow, as well as his use of the “washed out” and “mirroring” techniques give the landscapes almost meditative qualities.


Abram Shkolnik worked as an architect in Moscow. He received his Master’s Degree in Architecture. As a member of the Association of Architects of Russia, he participated in annual art exhibitions at the Moscow House of Architects and took part in many art shows in Russia. His paintings can be found in private collections in Russia, Europe, the United States, Canada, and Israel.


“Expressive Landscape” by Abram Shkolnik


Since the year 2000, Abram has been living in Boston’s South End, participating in Massachusetts exhibitions at various events and galleries, including the Third Russian-American Festival in the Town of Brookline, Gallery 254, Sea Street in Dennisport (Cape Cod), an art show in Centerville (Cape Cod), and ShopFrame & Gallery in Natick. In 2015, he participated in an Auction for Fine Art in West Palm Beach, Florida. In July 2016, he had a solo exhibition at Abbot Library’s Virginia A. Carten Gallery and at the gallery of the South End Public Library, Boston. He also had a solo exhibit at the Marblehead Arts Association in 2018.


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